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interested to see if his children followed the McCain heritage of serving the country

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โˆ™ 2008-11-02 22:45:00
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Q: What is the Military service record of john McCain's children?
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Does the government list everyone that serves in the marines or military?

The US Marines are a military branch of service. There is a RECORD of every person serving in the US military.

How do you find your Army shot records?

You can aquire your US Military service record, including health record, through the National Archives.

Why did systems of record-keeping emerge in early civilization?

1) Taxation, and 2) military service.

How do you find a military dishonorable discharge record?

For an individual's complete military service record, you send a request to the National Personnel Records Centre in St. Louis, MO. See related link at the bottom.

How do you find a military discharge record for someone?

You would have to send a Freedom of Information Act request for military service records to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

How can you find out what military service ribbons you were awarded?

You can request a copy of your DD214 from the National Personnel Record Center.

What constitutes a legal military veteran?

Basically anyone that has a DD214. This document includes the service record and discharge information for the veteran.

How long does a military discharge stay on your record?

A military discharge cant be removed from your record

John mccains voting record on womens rights?

They're TERRIBLE - just check it out. He's bad on women's issues, the environment, and believe it or not, the veterans...

What is Sarah Palin's military background?

Sarah Palin has no military service record, though has been a strong supporter of the troops. As a former governor, she was the civilian head of the Alaska National Guard.

Your husband received the Bronze Star twice in World War 2 who has a record of this?

The appropriate branch of the military will have his service record, complete with the appropriate citations. You can obtain it through the National Archives.

How can you find out if someone served in the military?

easiest way is to ask them. If you dont believe them, ask to see a copy of their DD-214(record of US military service). If it's really important, you can go to the website of the Nation Military Personnel Records Center, near St.Louis, MO., and follow the steps to obtain a verfied military service records.

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