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After the Book of Mormon was found, people became angry. They martyred the Prophet Joseph Smith. Afterwards, persecution for the Mormons became worse, and they decided to move to Utah for a place to live without persecution.

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Q: What is the Mormons motivation for moving west?
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Related questions

What is the signifigence of the Mormons moving west?

The signifigence of the Mormons moving west was for them to escape religious percsecution

What was the outcome of the Mormons moving west?

The outcome of the Mormons moving west was that they were no longer percacuted for their religious beliefs.

What was the Mormons main reason to move west?

The Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) primary motivation was to escape religious persecution.

When did the Mormons move west.?

The Mormons began moving west in 1831. At this time the main body of Mormons moved from New York to Ohio. They then moved further west to Missouri and Illinois. The famous Mormon trek to Utah began in 1845 when many Mormons began leaving Illinois. The first group of Mormons arrived in Utah in 1847.

What was the impact of the Mormons moving west?

they weren't disturbed by other groups anymore and they built a city

Why did people flock to California and how did the Mormons change the landscape of the West?

People flocked to California because they were seeking gold and riches, and gold had been discovered there. The Mormons changed the landscape of the west by moving there and establishing cities and towns in areas that were previously uninhabited.

Where did the Mormons go when moving far west?

Headquarters of the Church was set up in Salt Lake City, and various groups were sent to organize new cities throughout the west.

How did the Mormons move west?

The Mormons traveled west in wagons, with handcarts and later by train.

Why did Mormons immigrate to the west in 1847?

Mormons migrated west because they were persecuted in the east.

How did the reasons for Mormons traveling west differ from Other settlers traveling west?

Mormons were travelling in search of religious freedom, while most others were moving in hopes of economic well-being, usually in mining, building railroads, or because they were offered free land to homestead.

What state was settled by Mormons in the west?

Utah was settled by Mormons.

How did moving west change life for Mormons at the time?

well they went their to have a better life and to find gold so they could have become rich at the time

What was the reasons the Mormons moved west?

The Mormons moved west because they were treated harshly and even kicked out of other homes in the east.

How do you compare and contrast the Mormons and the 49ers?

Mormons were traveling west in search of religious freedom. 49ers were traveling west in search of wealth.

Why did the Mormons go west in the 1800s?

The Mormons went west because people in New York and Illinois did not like them and did not let them practice plural marriages. There were some serious problems of violence against Mormons.

Why did Mormons travel west in the 1830?

Mormons began traveling west in 1831, moving from New York to Ohio. They then moved to Missouri, Illinois, and then what is now Utah. This is because each place they attempted to settle, they faced brutal persecution and in some cases were kicked out of their homes. They left to a place that was uninhabited so that they could practice their religion in peace.

Seeking political freedom the Mormons traveled West in what is now?

Mormons traveled west in either a conestoga wagon or handcart and settled in Utah.

Who guided the Mormons to the west?

Brigham Young, whom Mormons believe was lead by God.

What did the Mormons see on their journey to the west?

The great American West!

What was a push that moved the Mormons west?

Persecution. The Mormons were chased out of Missouri and asked to leave Illinois... so they moved further west, where there was nobody to kick them out.

How did the Mormons prepare for the move west?

well, since all Mormons are robots they didn't need to prepare they were already prepared. Mormons are robots.

Where did the Mormons settle in the west?


how did the Mormons go to the west?

The original migration of Mormons to the west was done by means of covered wagons, drawn by horses; that was the transportation method used at that time in history.

Where did the Mormons make their new homeland in the west?

Mormons settled much of the west. Church headquarters was built in Salt Lake City, but hundreds of towns all over Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and California were settled by Mormons.

What religious group sought religious freedom in the west?