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What is the National Anthem of Nigeria?

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Zoya Jamal
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The name of the national anthem of Nigeria is "Arise, O Compatriots"

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In which country the national anthem is played during marriage?


How many stanzas does Nigeria National Anthem have?


Who wrote Nigeria's First National Anthem?

national anthem of our country Nigeria at the 1960 Independence as written by Lillian Jean Williams

Nigerian national anthem in french language?

'the Nigerian national anthem' is translated "l'hymne national nigérian" in French.

Who composed the Nigerial's national anthem arise o'compatroits?

The words are taken from a combination of phrases taken from a competition in Nigeria to write a National Anthem. The music was by the Police Band conducted by Benedict Elis

What is ill national anthem?

Illinois is a state and does not have a national anthem. A "nation" has a national anthem. The national anthem of the US is "The Star Spangled Banner".

What songs were considered for a national anthem of the armed forces?

the national anthem for the armed forces is the same as the national anthem for the country, its a national anthem.

How do you say anthem in french?

Hymne the national anthem, l'hymne national a national anthem, un hymne national

Does Cyprus and Greece has the same national anthem?

Cyprus does not have its own national anthem. Cyprus uses the National Anthem of Greece and the National Anthem of Turkey.

What is the original purpose of a national anthem?

The original purpose of the National Anthem is to have a National Anthem. Some countries don't have a Natonal Anthem.

What is the national anthem of Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is a province of Canada hence the national anthem is the Canadian national anthem

What song is Nigeria's national song?

The official anthem of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is "Arise, O Compatriots". It was adopted in 1978.

Does Quebec have a national anthem?

No, Quebéc does not have a national anthem.

When did the Australian National Anthem become the National Anthem?

The current Australian National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair, became the National Anthem on the 19th of April, 1984.

What is the national anthem of Cambodia?

Nokoreach is the national anthem of cambodia

Which is the shortest national anthem in the world?

The Japanese National Anthem

What is the name of the brazil national anthem?

Brazilian National Anthem.

How long has the national anthem been around?

Which national anthem?

How do apply to sing the national anthem for a pro sport?

you should go to YouTube and search national anthem and study the national anthem.

Who worte national anthem?

Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem.

Who wrote Jamaica's national anthem?

who wrote the jamaican national anthem

What is China's national anthem?

"March of the Volunteers" is the national anthem of China

What is the national anthem of London?

London is not a nation, it therefore has no national anthem.

What is Holland's national anthem?

the national anthem of holland is Het Wilhelmus.

Does French Guiana have a national anthem?

Yes, the French National Anthem.

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