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What is the PVC Box and where is it located on the Volvo S60?



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The pcv valve is located under the intake manifold, i just did mine and it took me three hours, first remove the air intake from the throttle body than unplug the fuel injectors and unscrewed the two bolts that hold the fuel rail and move it to the left side of the car "it required alot of pulling and wiggling to get the injectors out of the holes and make sure all the Orings seals come with it also use a ligth coat of motor oil on the Orings seal when puttin' back now remove the intake with a 1/4 inch socket"size 10" remember to remove the 4 top bolt out completely and the 3 bottom ones just loose them out and the bottom far right is a bitch to get to, now you are almost there ! jack up the car and make sure you use a jack stand to secure it before you go under it to remove the last bolt that support the intake " for that you need an 18 inches long extention and a size 12 socket and remove the intake out of your way and PVC is right there you will need a 1/4 inch size 10 socket to get the bolts out specially the right one you may have to look at the new one so you have an idea on the position on the right bolt where is it at.