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When the US departed South Vietnam it turned over, to the South Vietnamese government, US Air Force A-1 Skyraider fighter bombers (the aircraft seen in the recent film release, "Rescue Dawn"), helicopters, M-48 Patton tanks, M-113 APC's/ACAV's (Armored Personnel Carriers/Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles), artillery, and an assortment of former US Navy "Brown Water Navy" riverine boats: approximately 240 PBR's (Patrol Boat River-as seen in the film "Apocalypse Now"), 100 Swift Boats (Patrol Craft Fast-Senator Kerry's boat), River Monitors (cannon armed River Battleships), Alpha boats (ASPB's-Assault Support Patrol Boats-often used for mine sweeping & the ONLY riverine boats built specifically from the keel up for the Vietnam War), and an assortment of old WWII landing craft such as LCM's (landing craft medium), LCVP's (landing Craft Vehicle Personnel), etc. All told, approximately 650 US Naval craft had been delivered to the South Vietnamese government upon departure of the US. When the north defeated the South in April 1975, MANY of those naval craft entered the North Vietnamese naval forces (those that had not been destroyed).

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Q: What is the Present status of Vietnam Peoples Navy?
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