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it is called as quiscient point. it is used to fix the transistor in the required region. it is plotted in the dc load line of transfer characteristics of a transistor. if the q point is in the middle of the load line the transistor amplifies the input signal since it is in active region and if the q point is in the bottom of the load line the transistor becomes off and it is said to be in cut-off region and if the q point is placed at the top of the load line the transistor is said to be in saturation region and more current flows through it.

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Q: What is the Q point of a Transistor?
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What is Q-point of a transistor?

It is the operating point on the dc load line of a transistor. Its a fixed point free from transistor parameters.

Why operating point of transistor is called as q point?

Q-point means motionless point. At operating point the transistor emitter current and collector current doesn't change. That is why operating called as a quiesent point (q-point)

What is Q point of a transistor?

Q point which is quiscent (silent) point is the operating point of a transistor where the variations of collector current and collector-emitter voltage take place when signal is applied.

What is the purpose of dc biasing of transistor?

to establish Q- point or operating point...

Factors responsible for stability of quiescent point?

Biasing of the transistor is responsible for stability of Q point.

Why do you bias a field effect transistor?

we do bias field effect transistor because FET works if its Q point lies into active reason .If we bias FET ,the Q point lies in active reason

What is the Purpose of dc biasing in transistors?

in order to establish the Q-point of transistor

What is the significance of Q point?

Q point is also called operating point.Q point is mainly adjusted in transistors to make it stable. i.e., to operate the transistor in safe mode. Depending up on the operating current and voltage Q point is adjusted. The Q point defines the operating condition of the transistor and the transistors which quiescent point is adjusted are denoted as Q1,Q2.........Qn

How much gain does a good transistor usually have?

A: A transistor has non linear gain. To find the gain a Q point must be specified

What is transistor biasing and what is its need?

when transistor is subjected to an external power supply threw the biasing registors then it is called biasing. biasing is used to fix the Q-point of the transistor.

How q point of transistor is chosen on load line?

stop using the internet a find a dictonary

Why the base bias Q-point in transistor circuits changes with temperature?

why we use base resistor in emitter bias

Why Q point in transistor should be in centre of active region?

irajat kehnda tuhadi maa di lun

Define Q-point and explain the concept of load line?

the fixed amount of current and voltages are developed across the transistor is called biasing. thus the fixed voltages and current developed are called Q-point

Why are you going for different type of biasing the transistor?

In each of the biasing circuit ,there are variations in Q-point (undesirable)with respect to the temperature. The voltage divider bias serves a better way to minimize the change in Q-point.

What is q point of transistor?

Biasing in electronics is the method of establishing predetermined voltages or currents at various points of an electronic circuit to set an appropriate operating point. The operating point of a device, also known as bias point, quiescent point, or Q-point, is the steady-state operating condition of an active device (a transistor or vacuum tube) with no input signal applied.jyothi kAsst. Professor,Dept. of ECE, GNITS

Why amplifier does not uses ac to work?

ac is not used because it produces distortion in the output. and also in the transistor the Q point is not able to be fixed by using ac supply. Q point gives the quality output to the amplifiers

What is q-point of transistor?

The operating point of a device, also known as bias point or quiescent point (or simply Q-point), is the DC voltage and/or current which, when applied to a device, causes it to operate in a certain desired fashion. The term is normally used in connection with devices such as transistors and diodes which are used in amplification or rectification.

What transistor is practically obsolete and has been replaced by the junction transistor?

triode not the answer point contact is the answer

When was the first transistor created?

1947 at Bell Labs. It was a germanium point contact transistor.

How operating point of transistor shifting?

Usually, the operating point of a transistor shift because of temperature induced gain or bias changes.

Why transistor is to be biased?

to set its operating point

When was the point contact transistor created?


How do you draw the Q point?


What is operating point of transistor?

The current you set it to work at. Using for example resistors you can set the voltages and currents at a certain DC level. At that point the transistor will work. It is mostly (but not always) used to put the transistor in its linear region.