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22 degrees Celsius 22 degrees Celsius

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Q: What is the Recommended room temperature in winter?
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What is the Recommended winter room temperature?

22 degrees Celsius 22 degrees Celsius

What is Acceptable room temperature in winter?


What is the minimum recommended temperature in a room?

it can be above 32digrees

How long does butter keep at room temperature before bad?

Butter can last for days at room temperature. But it is not recommended to leave it out for that long.

What is the recommended temperature at which to set your heat during the winter?

30 degrees delcius

What temperature range is recommended in a dry storage area?

room temperature no more than 70 degrees fahrenheit

What is considered normal temperature for homes?

In the US, the recommended inside temperatures are 68 for winter and 72 for summer.

What is the standard room temperature for a hotel lobby?

Winter 20 degrees, summer 25 degrees.

Why does the same room temperature inside your home feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter?

The said temperature is cooler compared to the surrounding environment in the Summer and warmer in the winter. Just because there is a temperature difference between the environment and the said temperature, it creates the illusion that it is cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.

Comfortable room temp in Fahrenheit?

In the winter, a comfortable temperature will be between 70 and 74. In the summer it should be between 66 and 70. There is no specific "room temperature" but its between 70 and 77.

What is the room temperature of copernicium?

The room temperature is...the room temperature !!

Is asparginase is active at room temperature?

Asparaginase is a drug that is stable for at least 48 hours at room temperature. If the drug?æis stored above or below recommended temperatures, the potency of the drug will be reduced.?æ

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