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Swahili for Lioness or Lion is "Simba" whih is also the name of the Lion from The Lion King (best Disney movie ever) XD oh and that's my name too :P


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Sheeba means Promise in Hebrew I believe. And in Swahili, it means Lioness.

A female lion is called a lioness.lionessIt is called a LionessThe generic term is Lioness.lionesslionnessLioness.

"Lioness" in English is leonessa in Italian.

The lioness was every bit as regal as her lion. The lioness plays with her cubs.

Yes, a lioness is a mammal.

A lioness does not have a mane.

The lioness move by walking/running.

A female lion is a lioness.

Do an image search online of the word 'lioness' or see the related link below of a photo of a lioness.

young lioness, lioness cub

Lioness Records was created in 2009.

The Song of the Lioness was created in 1983.

A lioness is female. A male is a lion.

a lion has a main but a lioness not if you see a lion ask your self a question is that a lion or lioness?

The singular possessive noun for lioness is lioness' or lioness's, whichever you think sounds better.

well if you were to put a MALE leopard with a LIONESS (female lion) it would be a tough call but the leopard would cause more damage to the lioness than the lioness would do to the leopard but the leopard would not win the lioness will!

A lion is a male and a lioness is a female.

the lioness as no mane,only the males do

The plural of lioness is lionesses.

Lioness is called 'Singhni' or 'Sherni' in Hindi.

The White Lioness has 372 pages.

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