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just take a icecold bath this will help to get fever out after that you know what to do

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Is a fever helpful or harmful to your body?

A fever heats up your internal temperature to kill of virus' in your body so it is good.

What is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the internal structures of the body?

Internal Medicine

How does yellow fever attack body?

Yellow fever virus attacks the blood and spreads to almost every internal organ you have.

What are the symptoms of a fever breaking?

You will sweat when a fever breaks. It resets your internal temperature lower. Until the body has readjusted to the lower internal temperature, it will sweat. This usually happens while you are sleeping.

What causes internal fever?

One cause of internal fever is seasonal allergies. Also, a cold or the flu and autoimmune disorders can cause an internal fever.

What is the self treatment for yellow fever?

You can mostly let your body do all of the work... Sit and wait as let your body do its thing

Can diverticulitis cause high white count and fever fever?

Yes. Elevation in the white blood cell count is common in diverticuliti, as as is fever. It sounds like you have an internal infection in the bowels. Go see your doctor and get the proper treatment.

How is a fever treated in alternative medicine?

Alternative therapies for treatment of fever focus not only on reducing fever but also on boosting the immune function to help the body fight infections more effectively.

How do you have fever?

A fever, or pyrexia, is a rise in internal body temperature to levels that are considered to be above normal. Body temperature is determined by the body's thermoregulatory set-point. The body increases this set-point in response to threats such as bacterial or viral infections.

What is the treatment for Valley Fever?

The treatment for Valley fever depends on the stage. Mild cases do not require treatment. Fluconazole is often used. Another treatment is with Amphotericium B.

What is treatment plan for typhus fever?

what is a treament for typhus fever

What to give a dog with a fever?

A dog's normal body temperature is much warmer then that of a human. A dog is considered having a fever when his core body temperature is above 103 degree. A dog with a true fever needs medical treatment immediately as this is a serious condition in a dog.

What medical Treatment was used in the civil war for rheumatic fever?

Body week not running throat infection joint pain

Was there a treatment for typhoid fever in the 1800s?


What is the best treatment for a human fever caused by influenza?

The treatment is unknown.

What were some of the old treatments for yellow fever?

a old old treatment is blood letting they used that for yellow fever a old old treatment is blood letting they used that for yellow fever

What is a yellow fever treatment?

I am trying to find the answer but mostly rest and drink lots of fluids. The above is correct. There is no cure for Yellow Fever, the only treatment is fluids and rest. It has a 30% death rate. There is a vaccine for Yellow Fever but no real treatment.

Why do you use thermometer when you have fever?

We use the thermometer to measure the intensity of fever for final medical treatment recommendations. Normal human body temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheit. it must go up during fever. Different medicines recommended for different temperature intensity during fever.

What is the best treatment if you develop a fever extreme fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes throughout your body which is caused by a virus?

bed rest

What is typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever (also known as Enteric fever) is caused by a strain of "Salmonella" bacteria (Salmonellae typhi) when they are spread through the body by the white blood cells that attempted to destroy them. Salmonella are ingested from contaminated food or water and enter the body through the intestinal tract. Symptoms include general fever, headache, body ache, and fatigue. Increased heart rate can occur. Complications include infections, pneumonia, and intestinal bleeding.An early treatment was the drug chloramphenicol, but today the treatment is with any of a number of antibiotics. After treatment, a small minority of infected persons become carriers of the disease.

How can you cure yellow fever?

There is no specific treatment for yellow fever. It get cured by supportive therapy.

How do you treat a child with a 103.4 fever?

There are many causes of fever and the treatment depends on the cause.

Treatment for dengue fever?

There is no specific cure for dengue fever, but the treatment is to just rest and drink plenty of fluids and it should get better. Hope this helps :)

What med do you give cats for a fever?

Cats can easily be poisoned by over the counter medicines. A cat's body temperature is higher then a humans. If you still feel your pet has a fever seek emergency medical treatment.

What does internal medicine treat?

Internal medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of adult diseases. Internal medicine doctors treat adults for diseases that affect most body systems. Sub-specialties of internal medicine include cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology and neurology.

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