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To answer the question, need more info. Proof marks. dimensions etc

Some years ago I bought a Charles Daly shotgun. In as found condition,it is a fairly old gun-Damascus bbls, twin hammers, very nice wood, some engraving, some rust but relatively clean bores. It has a "button" that stands up to the rear of the breech that you press to open the breech. 12Ga.,it appears to be a gun that cost the original buyer some pretty good money. Much less well finished shotguns were likely available at the time to less particular buyers. I don't have the gun here at the present time so I can't give dimensions,etc. In having bought numerous objects that day, I didn't have to pay a great deal for this gun, which was a part of what I bought.The stock had been fractured years ealier and repaired with no losses. Guessing, this gun refurbished might have a value of $500-$750.

Daly guns our of many makers and alot of difference in value. A Daly gun made by the great Lindner in a top grade can bring $25,000 or more but the current Turkey guns may only bring a couple of hundred. The ole Daly guns were mostly made in Germany and these are the guns that bring real money. The Daly name was sold and in the sixties Daly guns were imported from Japan and some from Italy. The Japan guns were made by Miroku the same company that make the Browning Citori and the older BSS. Its these Daly's that are undervalued and sell in the $500. to $1,000. dollor range. The Daly name then went to some Spanish makers and now Turkey with these last two makers taking big - hits on resale.

I have been collecting Pre-War Charles Daly's for many years. I specialize in the higher grade gun like the Charles Daly Diamond grade and the Charles Daly Regent Diamond grades. Plus Drillings and any other special order guns.

Feel free to call me to discuss your specific gun. Oct 2012

Paul Devers - Michigan

419-450-2454 cell

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Q: What is the Value of Charles Daly shotgun?
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