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Sir Tim Berners Lee invention World Wide Web is a gigantic space of information spanning over the whole word in which every item (or resource) is identified by a "Uniform Resource Identifier." (URI) The best example to illustrate this is that a real World wide web address always begin with http://, which is one of these "resource identifier". Other URIs are the ftp protocols (for file transfer), the mailto protocol (for emails), etc. Every single web page, image or any other form of data possesses a unique "address" on the world wide web. Some people consider that the World Wide Web and the internet are both the same thing. It is however not the case. As a matter of fact, the World Wide Web is only a sub-part of the whole Internet network. When you play games for example, you're still connected to the Internet but you do not necessarily transfer data using the World Wide Web. To conclude, keep in mind that the World Wide Web is an information space to which every item is linked by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The World Wide Web and the Internet are both different things, as the World Wide Web is a sub-part of the Internet.

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Q: What is the World Wide Web?
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Where is it EaklesCom?

on the world wide web on the world wide web

Is the meaning of www world wide web or world wide website?

World Wide Web

What is the history of the world wide web?

The world wide web started with ARPANET.

Who controls the world wide web?

Everyone and anyone, it is the WORLD wide web.

When was the introduction of the world wide web?

the introduction to the world wide web was in 1990.

How is the world wide web different from the interent?

The world wide web and the internet are the same thing. The world wide web is just an address for the internet.

What is the most famous implementation of a hyper text?

HostGator rend l'hébergement Web illimité facile et abordable avec un espace disque et une bande passante illimités et un panneau de contrôle facile. Des prix bas et une configuration facile font de HostGator l'une des principales sociétés d'hébergement Web du secteur!

What is the mission of the world wide web consortium?

The mission of the world wide web consortium is to lead the web.

How the world-wide-web can be applied in an intranet?

The "word-wide-web" by definition is world wide. An "intranet" by definition is not world wide and closed off from the world. As the two are diametrically opposed you can not apply the world-wide-web in an intranet. However the standards and tools used to deliver the world-wide-web can be used in an intranet.

Do they have the world wide web in England?

yes, that's why its called the WORLD wide web

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who develop the world wide web and in what year?

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Google is the world wide web almost everyone noes about is

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How can the World Wide Web be applied to an extranet

What does WWWC stand for?

The abbreviation for WWWC can stand for a variety of meanings. These meanings include World Wide Web Culture, World Wide Web Consortium, World Wide Web Catalog, World Wide Web Consulting, World Wild Web Company, Weekly World Weather and Crops, Woodstock Web Works Catonsville, and World Wild Web Conference.

Who is the CEO of world wide web?

There is no CEO for the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web, abbreviated as WWW and commonly known as The Web, is a system of interlinked hypertext documents contained on the Internet.

How did the world wide web affect the lives of people?

how did the world wide web affect our lives?

Does www stand for world wide web?

Yes indeed it does stand for World Wide Web.

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Internet is the World Wide Web ( www ) .

What is the world wide web address of a site on the internet?

what is the world wide web adress called

When was World Wide Web Foundation created?

World Wide Web Foundation was created in 2009.

When was World Wide Web Consortium created?

World Wide Web Consortium was created in 1994.

Explain the term world wide web?

what world wide web means is the web is going all around the world. and that's the address.

What is the motto of World Wide Web Consortium?

The motto of World Wide Web Consortium is 'Leading the Web to Its Full Potential'.

What is the abbreviation of world wide web?

www = world wide web (ie., www means it is on the world wide web, wiki being the provider of the web site, and com to show it is a commercial website)

Can the Internet exist without the world wide web?

Yes if the whole world agrees to change world wide web(www) into something else. No if the world wide web gets destoryed or damaged.