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What type of policy is a certainty that the insurance company will have to make payment

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Q: What is the a verage renters insurance in Denver Colorado?
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What was the verage price of a gallon of milk in January 2009?

about $3.89

What is the verage pulse rate of a 25 year old?

60-100 bpm

What is the verage weight for 6 foot man?

For a muscular build probably 205.

What is the verage yearly income of Adult Family Home with 6 people?

$30,000 to 40,000 after expenses are paid

What can be inferred about the rate at which Black non Hispanics adults contract AIDS?

over four imes higher the national verage.

How many days is a complete menstrual cycle?

The average is 28 days but it varies with each girl.

What does the abbreviation GPA mean?

Grade Point Average

What is the verage size of a cows brain?

The average size of a cows' brain is approximately 167 mm. It usually weighs in somewhere between 450 to 500 kilograms.

What is an mean number?

Easy way to remember: MEAN M ean E quals A verage N umber

Is an RIB charged to your ERA?

YES... in fact that's the only way your ERA changes ... ERA means ... Earn Run Average

What is the average distance from each planet to the sun?

The verage distance from the sun from Mercuary:57,909,000km Venus:108,200,000km Earth:149,600,000km Mars:227,940,000 Jupiter:778,400,000km Saturn:1,423,600,000km Uranus:2,867,000,000km Neptune:4,488,400,000km Pluto:5,909,600,000km (Pluto is now a dwarf planet)

What is a hurler in baseball what does ERA stand for?

A hurler is a slang term for a pitcher in baseball. ERA stands for Earned Run Average and is a statistic for pitchers that shows the number of 'earned' runs a pitcher allows for every nine innings. An earned run is a run that is scored without the help of an error or passed ball. One might think that the earned run average of a pitcher is similar to that of the batting average of a hitter.

What is acrostic poem for tundra?

Temperature on average is 30 degrees FUNorthern hemisphere is where it can be locatedDRain is scarce so the animals adaptAverage rainfall is 6-10 inches per yearI need some help finding the rest but I hope you find it a little helpful.

When was Dr. pepper founded?

DR. Pepper was first invented by CHarles Alderton at Morrison's Old Corner drugstore of Waco, Texas. He was a pharmacist. This was in 1885. Later a Robert S. Lazenby, tasted the drink and also liked it. Since he was a beverage chemist, he suggested that Alderton and Lazenby team up to better the beverage. In 1891 both were impreseed at how much the beverage had grown. They named the new company "The Artesian Mfg. & Bottling Company", which later became Dr Pepper Company. Lazenby and his son-in-law, J.B. O'Hara moved the company from Waco to Dallas in 1923. In 1904 the verage was introduced to millions at the World fair.

What are good luggage brands?

Biaggi Luggage (USA) Briggs & Riley Tumi Rimowa Zero Haliburton Samsonite Delsey Victorinox Travelpro London Fog Atlantic Ricardo Eagle Creek American Tourister (USA) Heys High Sierra Jansport Antler Verage Calpak Rockland This is just off the top of my head, let me know if you need anymore. Previous answer: Heys is a really good luggage brand. even thought it is more expensive, it is DEFINITELY worth it!!!!

What is a GPA of 3.25 equals to?

On a 4.0 scale, where A = 4.0, B = 3.0, C = 2.0, D = 1.0, & F = 0.0, this could be considered a B+ or A- average.To find Grade Point Average, add up all numeric grade values, and divide by number of classes. If in college then you would multiply each grade by the number of semester-hours for that class, then add up and divide by total number of semester hours.One example for a semester: you took 4 classes (all 4 are 3-hour classes). You got the following grades: A,A,B,C.So your GPA for that semester = [(4*3)+(4*3)+(3*3)+(2*3)]/12 {for the 12 hours you took that semester}Semester GPA = [12+12+9+6]/12 = 39/12 = 3.25

What is the fast time for women to run a mile?

Completely depends on height, weight, stride-length, and athletic condition... I ran track from 7th grade through 12th (I'm 23 yrs old now) - so I might not have the most up-to-date insight:An average, acceptable mile time in a competetive environment is in the 7 - 7.5 minute range. Anything from 8 - 9 minutes is not ideal for competition, but still healthy! :-)6.5 - 7 minutes is great.6 - 6.5 is exceptional.Anything below a 6 minute mile for women means they are in top physical condition, and have a ton of stamina. :-) If a girl runs a mile in the 5 minute range, they are capable of breaking school records. My best mile time ever was a 6:42. Around average for a junior high meet.

What is ERA?

ERA is Earned Run Average. An earned run is a run that is scored by a batter that reached base while a pitcher was on the mound, so long as the batter did not reach base on an error. Example A: If Pitcher A gives up a a single, then a home run, Pitcher A acquired 2 earned runs. Example B: If Pitcher B gives up a ground ball to the second basemen who mishandles the ball allowing the runner to reach first, and then Pitcher A gives up a home run, only 1 earned run is acquired. Example C: Pitcher C gives up a single and then is is yanked from the game. Pitcher D comes in for relief and gives up a home run. Pitcher C acquires 1 earned run for the runner on first, and Pitcher D acquires an earned run for the batter that hit the home run. Earned Run Average is calculated by determining how many earned runs a pitcher averages over nine innings. Each full inning is counted as one. If a starting pitcher is pulled from the mound with one out in the seventh inning, he pitched 6 full innings plus one third of an inning = 6 1/3 innings (this is written 6.1 innings). Lets say he gave up 4 earned runs this outing: Take 4 earned runs and divide by 6 1/3 innings and multiply by 9 innings in a game = an ERA of 5.68. Over the course of a season the numbers will get larger. In 2002, Greg Maddux gave up 58 earned runs while pitching 199.1 innings. Take 58 earned runs and divide by 199 1/3 and then multiply by 9 innings in a game = 2.62 ERA.

Probability of precipitation means what?

Forecasts issued by the National Weather Service routinely include a "PoP" (probability of precipitation) statement, which is often expressed as the "chance of rain" or "chance of precipitation".EXAMPLEZONE FORECASTS FOR NORTH AND CENTRAL GEORGIANATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE PEACHTREE CITY GA119 PM EDT THU MAY 8 2008GAZ021-022-032034-044046-055-057-090815-CHEROKEE-CLAYTON-COBB-DEKALB-FORSYTH-GWINNETT-HENRY-NORTH FULTON-ROCKDALE-SOUTH FULTON-INCLUDING THE CITIES OF...ATLANTA...CONYERS...DECATUR...EAST POINT...LAWRENCEVILLE...MARIETTA119 PM EDT THU MAY x 2008.THIS AFTERNOON...MOSTLY CLOUDY WITH A 40 PERCENT CHANCE OFSHOWERS AND THUNDERSTORMS. WINDY. HIGHS IN THE LOWER 80S. NEARSTEADY TEMPERATURE IN THE LOWER 80S. SOUTH WINDS 15 TO 25 MPH..TONIGHT...MOSTLY CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SHOWERS ANDTHUNDERSTORMS IN THE EVENING...THEN A SLIGHT CHANCE OF SHOWERSAND THUNDERSTORMS AFTER MIDNIGHT. LOWS IN THE MID 60S. SOUTHWESTWINDS 5 TO 15 MPH. CHANCE OF RAIN 40 PERCENT.What does this "40 percent" mean? ...will it rain 40 percent of of the time? ...will it rain over 40 percent of the area?The "Probability of Precipitation" (PoP) describes the chance of precipitation occurring at any point you select in the area.How do forecasters arrive at this value?Mathematically, PoP is defined as follows: PoP = C x A where "C" = the confidence that precipitation will occur somewhere in the forecast area, and where "A" = the percent of the area that will receive measureable precipitation, if it occurs at all.So... in the case of the forecast above, if the forecaster knows precipitation is sure to occur ( confidence is 100% ), he/she is expressing how much of the area will receive measurable rain. ( PoP = "C" x "A" or "1" times ".4" which equals .4 or 40%.)But, most of the time, the forecaster is expressing a combination of degree of confidence and areal coverage. If the forecaster is only 50% sure that precipitation will occur, and expects that, if it does occur, it will produce measurable rain over about 80 percent of the area, the PoP (chance of rain) is 40%. ( PoP = .5 x .8 which equals .4 or 40%. )In either event, there is a correct way to interpret the forecast: According to the NWS, "CHANCE OF RAIN 40 PERCENT" means there is a 40 percent chance that rain will occur at any given point in the area.NOTE! However, this is not entirely accurate language. It is better expressed as: "CHANCE OF RAIN 40 PERCENT" means the on average for all of the points in the area during the specified time period (usually 12 hour periods), chance that rain will occur (on average) is 40%.Explanation:Suppose the the forecast were for Maui, HI. One "given" point is your house near the top of Mt. Haleakala, where it rains almost constantly. 40% percent is obviously not accurate for that given point. So assume that Mt. Haleakala is 10% of the area of Maui and that the average chance of rain today there is 80%. And assume that the average chance of rain for the other 90% of the island is 35%. So for the entire island, the average chance of rain is (.9 * .35) + (.1 * .8) = .4 = 40%. Clearly, the smaller the area, the more meaningful and accurate "chance of rain" is.

What is the Average Hight of a Woman?

Figures published by the National Center for Health Statistics ...Average Height of a Woman in the United States ...Adult female in the United States are about 5 foot 3.8 inches (164 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Canada:Canadian women are about 5 feet 3.4 inches (161 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in India:Indian women are about 5 foot 1 - 2 inches (155-158 cm) (which is the maximum in the continent of Asia)...Average Height of a Woman in China:Women in China are about 5.foot 08 inches (154 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Japan:Japaneses women on average are 5 foot 6 inches (170.68cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Germany:Women in Germany are about 5 foot 4 -5 inches (164.59 - 167.64 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Frances:French women are about 5 foot 3.7 inches (163.67 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Iran:Iranians women are on average about 5 foot 3 inches (161.54 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Iraq:Iraq's women are about 5 foot 1.3 inches (156.36 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Italy:Italian women are about 5 foot 4.2 inches (165.20 cm)Average Height of a Woman in Australia:Aussie women are about 5 foot 4.5 inches ( 166.11 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Belgium:Belgian women are about 5 foot 4.3 inches (165.50 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in South Africa:South African women are about 5 foot 2.5 inches (160.02 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in Sweden:Swedish women are about 5 foot 7 inches (173.73 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in the Netherlands:Netherlands' women are about 5 foot 6.4 inches (171.90 cm) ...Average Height of a Woman in New Zealand:New Zealand's women are about 5 foot 5 inches (167.64 cm ) ...Average Height of a Woman in England:British women are about 5 foot 4.4 inches (165.81) ...