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That is like asking what the accuracy is for Basketball players, hockey players and soccer players. The psychic arts that are listed need to be looked at separately and on an individual basis. There are people who are talented in this field and they have a high accuracy rating, others will have accuracy rates that vary. Tarot cards have a high accuracy, but if the person reading them does not interpret them to fit the seeker then the reading will not be accurate even if the cards are. When considering horoscopes you need to realize that there is more to it then just your sun sign. You have a rising sign and a moon sign that also play a considerable part in your horoscope. If you are not aware of your other signs you are only getting part of the picture and therefore the horoscope may not seem accurate. * One thing to consider is that many horoscope authors, psychics, tarot readers, and the like are well-versed in Psychology. Their initial answers can get information out of you that they can then use to make their "predictions" or "insights" more accurate. * The accuracy of the predictions are in direct correlation with the amount of money the person is willing to part with. The same accuracy as tea leaf reading, ouija board, Astrology, palmistry, and crystal ball.

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Q: What is the accuracy rate of horoscopes psychics tarot readers etc?
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Is there any careers that deal with the supernatural?

Ghost hunters, Palmists, Psychics, Tarot Readers, High Priestesses(if you're Wiccan), Faith healers

Do psychics in California do Tarot card readings?

Yes, most psychics anywhere in the country will do Tarot card readings. Beware also, there are many tricks out there that psychics use while giving you a Tarot card reading in order to con you into coming back and spending more.

What kind of horoscopes are available on Yahoo Horoscope?

There are several horoscopes on Yahoo Horoscope. There's horoscopes for every sign of the Zodiac plus tarot readings and yearly forecasts as well as the daily horoscopes.

Where can you find tarot websites?

EVERYWHERE.......just goole psychics and you'll find them

Who can give you an actual horoscope or tarot card reading?

Astrologers and tarot card readers can provide these readings.

Do you believe in psychics and tarot?

As a personal answer, yes. I have had experience with psychics, some good, some bad and some down right scary. As for Tarot, it is amazing how many people use them, some with little or no faith in the readings and some who will not undertake any major decision without checking the cards.

What is the difference between a Videntes and Tarot reader?

Videntes is the same as a Tarot card reading. Videntes is the Spanish translation of the word Tarot. The accuracy of these kinds of readings is hotly debated.

Where can one find reliable information about psychic tarot online?

One can find reliable information about psychic tarot online at Psychic Living. Psychic Living provides one with information and even separated out psychics to subjects.

Who tarot reading in south jersey?

Check out your local "New Age" bookstore. They have readers.

How many people believe horoscopes?

I believe in horoscopes- my own, anyway. I just made one using my Tarot cards for June 26 2007- June 26 2008. It looks pretty good for my family- except for September.

Are tarot readers genuine?

In my opinion if they have to ask you questions about yourself, then more than likely they are not real.

I saw on TV that tarot card readers can predict higher point totals at local casinos. Which is the best service to use?

Don'cha know dat my tarot card readers be de only on wort tryin', love. Ya won't be disappointed. is that yes or no

Will the tarot cards tell if a mate is cheating?

Don't go through life relying on Tarot Cards, Fortune Tellers, Horoscopes or birth signs because it can cheat you out of a great relationship. Go with your own gut instincts which are far more accurate.

Are online tarot card readers fake?

Yes. There is no principle of divination (or magic in general) that would allow for the reader to be able to divine anything without some form of direct contact from you. In addition, most online tarot card readers use a software program that creates a randomized reading based off the standard descriptions of the card. The ONLY thing the tarot readers do in this case is change the wording slightly to suit the specific question.

What is tarot reader?

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to learn more about your life and is an amazing, centuries-old tool of divination. When used correctly, it connects with and reveals the truths of our subconscious: what we know deep down inside, but are not always able to access. Tarot readers use tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by asking questions of their spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and the Divine.

Is a tarot reading accurate?

I had one tarot reading years ago, and it was so accurate that it was scary, but most strange was what happened when I shuffled the cards. I went into it as a complete skeptic, but I decided that there was definitely something to it. Of course, who does the reading for you has a bearing on accuracy.

Are tarot cards pagan?

Hello, By "pagan" I take it that you are asking if Tarot/tarot reading is a practice done by pagans (people who worship many gods). The the answer is no. Tarot is not affiliated with any specific religion or faith. You can be any faith or no faith and use the cards. I agree with the previous answer. Tarot cards may be practiced by any person who has a specific religion and also by people who have no specific religion. Most often however, those who belong to organized religions do not practice the Tarot due to religious taboos. They do seek the services of Tarot Readers, often anonymously because they fear judgment from their religious leaders.

What has the author Juliet Sharman-Burke written?

Juliet Sharman-Burke has written: 'The New Complete Book of Tarot' -- subject(s): Tarot 'The mythic tarot' -- subject(s): Tarot 'The Complete Tarot Pack' 'Understanding the tarot' -- subject(s): Tarot 'Beginners Guide to Tarot' -- subject(s): Tarot 'Mastering the Tarot' -- subject(s): Tarot 'My Tarot'

Is there a religion associated with the practice of tarot cards?

There really is no specific religion that is associated with tarot card readers. Anyone can choose to be a reader if they study hard and get to know what all the cards mean. It really is more just for fun then anything else.

How do you read the different types of tarot cards?

Most tarot readers learn to read tarot cards in a manner that resonates with how they believe, either from their own beliefs or from a book they first studied. From there, they may change their minds a bit here and there, but with each different deck they purchase, they continue to read in the same manner. You do not have to read in accordance to the booklet that accompanies each different deck.

Where may one find psychic tarot readings in Los Angeles CA?

There are many psychic tarot readers in Los Angeles. One could choose from; Melrose Psychic Readings, Hollywood Psychic Gallery, Los Feliz Psychic, Psychic Centre and Judy Hevenly.

Does a phychic have to read your tarot cards?

If a person is not a psychic, the accuracy of the reading will be poor because the cards all have multiple meanings and without the psychic message, you are only guessing.

What has the author Joan Bunning written?

Joan Bunning has written: 'Learning the tarot' -- subject(s): Tarot 'Learning Tarot Reversals' 'Curso Practico De Tarot'

Is a tarot card reading to be taken seriously?

Tarot can be a very useful tool when in the "right hands", as a psychological device (like a Rorshach test) or as a means of generating an "alternate opinion" randomly, or even potentially as a proper divinitory tool. However, there are more liars, thieves and fools than good tarot readers out there, so I would suggest pursuing other avenues unless you like wasting money.

Where are places you can do tarot readings for people?

I have no intention of charging anyone, seeing as there are way more qualified individuals than myself (psychics, mediums, more experienced individuals), but I don't want to break any local laws, get fined/arrested etc.