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The advantage of an interest only loan is that for a predetermined period of time you only have to pay the interest portion of your loan along with taxes and insurance. You do not have to pay on the principle of the loan. This option is best for people who expect to be making more money when the predetermined period is over. The more important question is what are the disadvantages of an interest only loan? Basically you can run across a few problems. The first one is that you are not paying down the principal of the home. That means the amount you bought your house for is still the amount you owe on it after the predetermined period is over. Second, you have to be prepared for the increased monthly payment after the interest only period is over. As mentioned above this type of loan is best for those individuals who expect to be making more money after the interst only period and also for those individuals who can take the difference they would have been paying monthly if the loan were conventional and invest it for the predetermined period.

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Q: What is the advantage of an interest-only loan on your house?
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What is house loan?

a house loan is where someone gives you a house but you have to pay back

What is an advantage of taking out a loan?

The loan which is taking before certait period of date

How do you do a bridge loan when there is no mortgage on one house?

How do you do bridge loan when there is no mortage on one house?

Can a home equity loan on one house be transferred to a new loan for a new house?


Where can one find a house loan calculator?

House loan calculators can generally be found on the websites of the companies that you want to get a house loan from, for example Bank of America or Chase.

If you default on a loan in UK can they take your house?

This will likely depend upon the type of loan you took out and whether or not your house was placed as collateral on the loan.

What are the advantages of jumbo home mortgages?

A jumbo home mortgage loan is one that is over the standard loan limits set by government sponsored lenders such as Freddie Mac. The biggest advantage to this type of loan is the borrower is allowed to borrow more and is able to purchase a more expensive house.

Are there any loan companies that will give you a loan for another house if you have not been paying the mortgage on your current house?


Can a husband let the wife take over the loan of a house without her having rights to own the house?

If the loan by the Bank than it will be on your name. Do not pay loan if someone else as name to the loan.

Advantages and disadvantages of commercial loan?

Main advantage = money to work with. Main disadvantage = high interest rates. (If there is a low interest loan available, this may tip the advantage in your favor.)

When do home foreclosures happen?

Home forclosures happen when a person who has taken out a loan for the purchase of a house has defaulted on this loan. The house has become the collateral for the business providing the loan.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of Loan Capital?

it will produce more interest

What is an advantage of a shorter-term loan?

less interest paid...

I want to fix up a house in Altus do you'll loan for that?

HSBC Premier Mortgage will provide the loan for fixing your house.

What is the advantage of using your own money on your business?

The main advantage is that you don't have to pay interest on a loan to support your business.

What is the equaity loan on a new house?

An equity loan is where the bank gives the borrower cash for the loan amount. In return for the money the bank now owns that portion of the new house.

Are surviving children in the state of Florida responsible for their deceased parents debts as a mortgage loan if the house was left in their will?

The house would have been left subject to the loan. Either the estate has to pay off the loan or sell the house. Once that is done, then the assets can be distributed. One of the children could obtain a loan and buy the house from the estate.

Which loan would be best if I want to rent out a house?

The best type of loan would be an investment property loan.

How do you get a 20000 loan until your house sells?

See a banker about a bridge loan

Can I pay my house off with a loan?

I think it all depends on if you can get a loan to pay it off, if you already have a loan for the house then I say yes maybe, but u would want to make sure your loan payment is lower than what u were playing

Can a person with no credit get a loan for a house?


What is a loan to buy a house?


If your ex was court-directed to pay off your home-equity loan in the divorce can you sell the house without using your own equity to pay off the loan if he cannot refinance or pay in a lump sum?

Since the house was used as collatoral for the loan you would have to use your equity in the house to pay off the loan.

Are there any advantages in making an extra house payment per year?

The advantage is to increase the principal being paid on the loan which in turn will reduce the total interest paid on the loan whilch reduces the total number of required payments. So basically this allows you to save on total interest charges. But make sure your loan has no penalties for early payoff!

What are the benefits of a military loan?

One of the benefits of a military loan is quick approval, especially for the Pioneer loan. Another advantage of a military loan is that there are more options available and often with better terms than regular bank loans.

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