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Which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

What term is used to describe splitting a large atomic nucleus into two smaller ones

Which type of reaction is the burning of gasoline to release heat energy

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Q: What is the advantage of using a light beam as a pointer to measure all small deflections?
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Optical lever uses a light beam as a pointer to measure small deflectionsExplain the advantage of this?

It is massless and it is not affected by gravity.

When does a mouse pointer change to a pointing hand icon?

As we high light the pointer on the topic or caption

How can you do an Experiment on angle of reflection and angle of incidence?

Set up a light source that has narrow beam (a laser pointer is perfect for this).Point it at a mirror,measure the angle of incidence and of reflection.rotate the mirror,measure the angles,continue through many angles,tabulate and graph the results.

What is a presentation pointer in a computer program?

A presentation pointer is a light (usually red) that you use so you don't have to touch the object the presentation is protuding of off.

What sends out a narrow intense beam of light?

a small laser, or a laser pointer

What sends a narrow intense beam of light?

a small laser, or a laser pointer

How does a Laser Pointer work?

A laser pointer works by emitting a highly focused bright light. Since the light is so focused, it referred to as a laser. Because this light shows up as a point on whatever it falls on, it can be used to identify objects that are the subject of discussion.

What are the advantages of installing light timers?

The main advantage of installing light timers is that the householder can control exactly when the lights switch on and off. Not only does this act as an excellent security measure, it also has the potential to save electricity.

Who try to measure the speed of light?

Roemer was the first to measure the speed of light.

Are decibels used to measure light?

No, decibels are not used to measure light. Decibels are used to measure sound and volume.

How do you measure light?

First you decide what you want to measure about light: whether there is light or not, the light intensity, the speed of light, its wavelengt, frequency, polarization, etc.

What instrument is used to measure wavelength of light?

An interferometer is used to measure the wavelength of light

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