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This should be a Lewis model, made in 1902.

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What is the estimated value of a 1872 Lefever Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Hello I will need to know more info on it. Like what is marked on it? Hammer or hammerless? Grade? email me Hammerless serial nr 55557

Where can I find parts for an exposed hammer double barrel 12 ga shotgun marked New Ithaca Gun Company SN 92513 A12?


Is a 10 gauge double barreled shotgun marked New Era works New York Nitro hammerless a Baker shotgun?


What shells for bolt action shotgun?

It should be marked on the barrel or recieiver.

How do you tell a belgian browning shotgun?

The barrel will be marked "Made in Belgium"

Is a browning a 5 shotgun made in Belgium?

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel.

What is the age of a double barrel shotgun marked STEVENS?

Probably turn of the century

What gauge shell do i use for your Browning semi automatic shotgun?

It will be marked on the barrel.

What is the value of a Ithaca Gun Co shotgun?

There are just too many variables to Ithaca shotguns to be able to give you a estimated value. If you go to the shotgun message board at Antique Guns you can find some true Ithaca experts. Be prepared to tell them EVERYTHING that is marked on the gun and WHERE it is marked. You will need to remove the forestock and barrels to find marks on the flats of the receiver and bottom of the barrel. Also, give the condition as a percent of ORIGINAL finish remaining, and either fully describe the engraving or give a link to photos.

Where wasw browning shotgun S 03289 made?

It will be marked on the receiver/barrel where it was made.

Smith and Wesson model 1000 shotgun but how do you know the gauge of the gun?

It will be marked on the barrel

What is the gauge of a sears model 446.51176?

It will be marked on the barrel, but that should be a 12 g shotgun.

When and were was a Browning 12 Gauge Shotgun with Serial Number 324935 made?

Where will be marked on the barrel/receiver.

What is the shell length for a browning twelve gauge semi auto shotgun?

Should be marked on the barrel

What size of shell can be used in a Riverside Arms Double Barrel Shotgun?

Depends on what is marked on the gun.

What caliber is lakefield bolt shotgun?

Shotguns are refered to by "gauge" not "caliber". It should be marked on the barrel.

What is the choke on a Stevens Model 311 Series H Twelve Gauge Shotgun?

They came in various barrel lengths and choke combinations. If it is not marked on the side of the barrel, you will have to pattern the shotgun to determine the choke

What is the ammunition for a 410 single barrel Stevens shotgun Is it 3 or 2 12?

If it is not marked on the barrel, you should have a gunsmith measure the chamber length.

What is the sheel length for a browning twelve gauge shotgun serial number 6868?

Should be marked on the barrel

What is the value of a 20 gauge Ithaca hammerless double barrel side by side serial 262985 marked smokeless powder steel and bird dog on point engraving in very good condition?


What is the age and value of an Ithaca Hammerless side by side damascus twist double barrel 12-gauge shotgun SN 28853?

Knows as the 'Crass Model' after designer Frederick Crass. The Crass Model was only made from 1888 to 1901. Yours would be c.1895. Need to know which grade. Remove the barrel set and look on the water table. These guns were marked with the gauge and the grade from 1 to 7 (and 1P). Depending on grade and condition, $200 to $1000.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Barrett Firearms double barrel shotgun?

The current Barrett Firearms does not make a double shotgun. Exactly how is your gun marked?

How do you find the specific model of a Western Field shotgun when you don't see it marked on the firearm anywhwere but the serial number is 22106XG?

It is marked on either the receiver or the barrel.

What is the choke on a Savage 12 gauge shotgun model 775A?

It will either be marked on the barrel as a word or a code using * and -.

What is the age and value of a 16 gauge Ithaca hammerless side by side serial 35982980 with a bird dog engraved on both sides and marked S 16?

the age and value is 106.5 and the person is dimitri