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What is the age and value of Marlin 336CS serial 11121351 in 35 Rem?


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1989. Value will be $150-$250 depending on condition.


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It was made in 1989. A quick check of google showed that the rifle is selling for around $400.

Your Marlin model 336CS(Carbine Sporter)was made in the year 1987.

My Brother has a 336C and he bought it new in the mid 60's.

Your Marlin model 336CS which was made in the year 1982 will bring between 200-350 dollars on today,s market depending on overall condition.

The current value of these marlin rifles range from 275-350 dollars.

What is the value of a Marlin model 3220CL classic serial 3220CL48?

Your gun was made in 1985. You have not mentioned condition or if it has a scope. Depending on condition and scope, anywhere from $175 to $300 around Florida.

I just bought on for $325.00 plus tax of course. I believe mine was made in 1953.

Your serial number indicates that your marlin rifle was made in the year 1978.

you would need to supply a serial number and model number,along with the condition of your marlin to get a value.

We need the model and condition, not the serial number.

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 15Y(Youth) rifle was made in the year 1986.

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin Golden model 39A was made in the year 1974.

I found the value of a Marlin/Glenfield (similar serial) to be at about $2,700. I'm looking too, but that's the price I was able to find.

You will need to include the model number to get a correct answer.

The serial number you provided indicates that your Marlin model 883 was made in 1988.The value of these rifles is between 75-120 dollars based on your marlin having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining.

Depending on condition,$ 800.00 to $1.500 If you are wondering when your Marlin was produced,the serial number indicates that your Marlin model 1893 rifle was made in 1904.

Double check that model number, I believe it actually reads 336CS. The Marlin 336 in most of its variants is valued as a shooter, in the $150-$225 range.

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