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Crescent Fire Arms, Norwich, Connecticut.

Around 1892 Crescent firearms manufactured shotguns under a variety of names. In 1930 H & D Folsom Arms sold their Crescent Fire Arms company to Savage Arms and Savage combined Crescent with Davis Warner Arms Corp., as Crescent-Davis Arms Corporation. Your shotguns value, in good condition, is about $150.

I can say that the Cresent firearms Company was located in Norwich CT.from 1888-1931.I hope that this narrows the time frame you are looking for.

Quite a bit of info can be found in 2005 Gun Digest book of guns and prices, ISBN 0-89689-324-3

6227 numbered W Richards. Norwich Conn. What year is this?

Most old single shots sell between $35 and $75, depending on condition, but a .410 may bring a premium from the right buyer.

Crescent made millions of single shot shotguns marked with hundreds of different trade names from 1892 to 1931. There are no records available to determine the exact age of any particular gun. Value is minimal - $20 if it is busted or rusted, maybe $120 if it is almost unused.

Electric City firearms were manufactured by Crescent Firearms Co. of Norwich Conn. Crescent was purchased by Savage in the early 1930's.

Crescent Firearms Co dates back to 1888. George W, Cilley bought out the defunct Bacon Arms Co. of Norwich, Conn. Cilley teamed up with Frank foster and formed the Crescent Fire Arms Co. Cilley and Foster each held firearms patents and both were qualified firearms design and manuafacture. In 1932 the city of Norwich, Conn. took over the Crescent property for back taxes. The Crescent firearms were well respected.

Which Norwich? Norwich, UK Norwich, Canada Norwich, Kansas Norwich, Massachusetts Norwich Township, Missaukee County, Michigan Norwich Township, Newaygo County, Michigan Norwich (city), New York Norwich (town), New York Norwich, North Dakota Norwich, Vermont Norwich, Roanoke, Virginia,

There's not much information about any particular Crescent firearm, but the company operated from 1892 to 1932 as a subsidiary of H&D Folsom Sporting Goods. The company produced millions of single and double barrel shotguns with over 100 different trade names. Crescent was purchased by the Stevens division of Savage Arms and merged with another purchased company as Crescent-Davis for a few years and then disappeared into the Stevens operation.

Crescent was formed in 1892 and purchased by H&D Folsom Sporting Goods in 1893. It operated as Crescent Fire Arms until 1931 when the company was purchased by the Stevens Division of Savage Arms. The name was used on Crescent models manufactured by Stevens until about 1935.

Sold by Sears Roebuck around 1900. Probably manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, Ct.

NOrwich is Norwich in any language.

Sold through Shapleigh Hardware, St Louis, c. 1890-1930. Most likely manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT. No serial number lists are available for Crescent Arms.

It's not a real company. This was a trade name used on shotguns produced by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, Connecticut, from 1893-1932.

The address of the Norwich Public is: 209 South Parkway, Norwich, 67118 0097

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