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Crescent Fire Arms, Norwich, Connecticut.

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Q: Who manufactured Crescent Arms 410 pistols?
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Who manufactured the Jim brown 410 double?

Most likely Crescent

Can you give me the history and price of a 410 single shot shotgun made by the Crescent Firearms Co in Norwich Conn It is called a Empiro Ejector.?

Around 1892 Crescent firearms manufactured shotguns under a variety of names. In 1930 H & D Folsom Arms sold their Crescent Fire Arms company to Savage Arms and Savage combined Crescent with Davis Warner Arms Corp., as Crescent-Davis Arms Corporation. Your shotguns value, in good condition, is about $150.

Where can you find parts for a 410 Mississippi Valley Arms single shot?

Actually manufactured by Crescent Firearms. Parts might be found by checking some of the major used parts dealers.

What is the value of a crescent arms 410 gauge side by side shotgun?

50-200 USD

What is the approximate age of a 410 single barrel shotgun made by Mississippi Valley Arms with a small diamond next to the 410 imprint and a g in the diamond?

MISSISSIPPI VALLEY ARMS CO was a tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company, 1893-1930. A .410 would be unlikely to have been made by Crescent before WWI. 1903

Who manufactured the Savage 410?

Made by the Stevens division of Savage Arms between 1931 and 1948.

What is the value of a Crescent Davis Arms Model 205 410 Bolt Action Shotgun?

50-125 USD

Where can you get replacement firing pins for a Crescent Arms 410 double barrel?

Try Numricks

Who manufactured the ranger double barrel 410 pat apr 20 1915 sn x 34109?

The Ranger 410 double barrel was made for Sears Roebuck by Hunter Arms and by Steven Arms. Yours was Made by Stevens Arms.

What is the age of a 410 Stevens-Savage Arms Model 58B?

Manufactured between 1933 and 1945.

When was the Fox Savage Arms Model B 410 double barrel shotgun manufactured?

1966 to 1988

Who manufactured a 410 Eastern Arms single shot with no model number but the numbers 105 and A337 under the trigger guard?

The Eastern Arms single shot .410 was manufactured by Stevens. Parts are the same as the Stevens model 94 and can be obtained from The small Arms Shop at 352-637-4770. Hope this helps...Steve

When did Crescent Arms located Norwick Conn make 410 gage with hammer shot guns?

1900-1930 or so.

What is the value of a Volunteer Arms Co. 410 shotgun serial 08888?

Volunteer was a trade name used on shotguns manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Company for Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Ky in the period 1893 to 1930. No records exist to give a serial number, date of manufacture. Value for a .410 would average at $100-$125, depending on condition.

Who sells 410 pistols?

Turus sales the Judge which shoots 45 or 410

Where are the LC Smith 410 double barrel shotgun manufactured?

Hunter Arms Company, Fulton, New York

VAlue of a 410 double barrel shotgun made by crescent fire arms company?

Seldom go beyond or reach 100

What is the age of a 410 shotgun marked American Arms Inc. N.K.C. MO?

It can't be too old. I can't find any record of American Arms, Inc prior to 1985. They imported European firearms and manufactured a few pistols in North Kansas City, Mo. Went out of business in 2000.

Which US companies made 410 pistols and where could you buy one that is properly registered?

Crescent, Ithaca, Marble, Stevens, probably a few others, but those are the major ones. You won't usually find any for sale at the local gun shops but you should be able to find a few at a major gunshow. Search the online firearms auctions for Marbles Game Getter, Crescent Certified Shotgun, Ithaca Auto and Burglar Gun. * Harrington & Richardson also manufactured the Handy Gun in 410 bore & 28 gauge.

Information on a Crescent Fire Arms 410 side by side double barrel shotgun it was your Grandmothers gun?

Made around the turn of/early part of the century.

Is any information available on an Excel 410 shotgun Model 51953E?

It could have been made by Crescent Fire Arms, Crescent-Davis Arms, Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle, or J. Stevens Arms for sale in hardware stores. It does not seem to be a trade name used by any particular hardware chain. Probably made sometime between 1910 and 1945.

Did Remington sell a 410 that was made by the Eastern Arms Co?

Doubt it. Eastern Arms was a trade name and not an actual manufacturer. It is possible that some guns marked Eastern Arms Co were manufactured by Remington for Sears Roebuck.

Can you shoot a 3 inch 410 shell in a Crescent 410 Double Bbl?

No made for 2and a half inch shells

What is the value of crescent firearms 410?

10-100 USD or so

To locate a firing pin for a crescent 410 firearm?

I am looking for a firing pin for a Crescent Firearm I believe the serial # is 8894