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Made sometime before WW2 for one of the hardware/catalog stores. Actual manufacturer could be one of several such as Iver Johnson, Stevens, H&R or Davenport. The sheep carving would have been owner-applied and, well, wierd for a 16ga shotgun. Value under $100.

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What is one sheep called?

The word sheep can be used to describe a single (sheep) and it can be used to describe several sheep.

Is a sheep called a flock?

A single sheep is just called a sheep, a group of sheep is called a herd or a flock.

What gauge needle would you use on your sheep?

For vaccines or to draw blood I would use a 20 gauge needle on adult sheep and a 22 gauge on a lamb. To administer medications such as penicillin, I would use a 16 or 18 gauge depending upon the drug and the volume needed.

How many kids can sheep have?

Sheep have lambs and goats have kids. Sheep normally have a single or twin lambs but can have three or four.

What do you call a single sheep in Hindi?


How many legs of mutton are there on a single sheep?

Four. Mutton is another name for sheep meat.

What is single word that means a number of sheep?


What is called a crowd of sheep-single name?


What does cattle-duffing mean?

in australia sheep duffing means stealing sheep so i presume cattle duffing is stealing cattle. sheep are stolen in large numbers to be resold or single sheep are stolen to slaughter and fill the freezer

Transgenic cloned sheep were used to produce what medical protein?

The transgene that was inserted in the donor somatic cells was designed to express human clotting factor IX protein in the milk of sheep.

How many lambs does a sheep have?

Normally a ewe will have a single or twin lambs but she can have triplets or quads.

What is an example of cloning?

Dolly the sheep is a famous example - Scientists in Scotland cloned a ewe by inserting DNA from a single sheep cell into an egg and implanted it in a surrogate mother

What is the possessive form of sheep?

The possessive form of the noun sheep is sheep's.The noun sheep is both singular and plural.Examples:I made this rug from a single sheep's wool. (singular)All of our sheep's wool is sold to mills. (plural)

Number of siblings of a sheep?

A ewe normally has a single lamb or twins, but she could have triplets or quads.

Can a horse live with goats sheep or cows?

I think so, if they are altogether in one single barn.

How many teats are present in a sheep?

Normally - 2. The lactating ewe has two glands, each drained by a single teat with a single streak canal.

Does a sheep have more than four stomachs?

Sheep don't have four stomachs, but they do have four chambers acting like a single stomach. These chambers include the rumen, abomasum, omasum, and reticulum.

Is the palm tee where the golden sheep is on tail isle double or single?

It's a double palm tree.

What are mites on sheep?

Mites on sheep are external parasites that feed on the sheep's blood by sucking it through the skin. They can cause severe itching, loss of wool and loss of body condition. Luckily, most sheep mites can be easily treated with a single dose of dewormer.

What is the collective noun for sheep?

Collective nouns for sheep are:a flock of sheepa band of sheepa mob of sheepa drift of sheepa down of sheepa drove of sheepa fold of sheepa trip of sheepa hurtle of sheepa herd of sheep

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From one to four lambs but normally only a single lamb or twins.

Collection of sheep?

There are many collective nouns for a collection of sheep.down of sheepdrove of sheepflock of sheepfold of sheephurtle of sheeptrip of sheep

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There is no specific collective noun for sheep that are grazing. The collective nouns for sheep are:a flock of sheepa fold of sheepa drove of sheepa mob of sheepa herd of sheepa drift of sheepa wing of sheepa parcel of sheep

What is the singular for sheep?

The singular form of sheep is sheep. 1 sheep 2 sheep

What is the pluarl for sheep?

there is no plural for sheep 1 sheep is call a sheep and more than 1 sheep is call a sheep