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What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 94 25-35 with a 19 inch barrel?

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Made in 1950. A saddle ring carbine would be worth about $1750 with 95% original finish or NRA Very Good condition. If there is no ring on the left side of the receiver, then only about $400.

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What is the value of a Winchester 2535?


How much is a 1894 Winchester 2535 wcf serial 885644 in good condition worth and what year was it manufactured?

Winchester Model 1894 serial number 885644 was manufactured early in the year 1919. The value can only be determeined by a visual inspection & evaluation. Bert H.

What is the age value and history of a Winchester model 1894 2535 WCF serial number 346854?

Your Winchester was manufactured in 1906 and has significant collector value. It warrants a professional appraisal by an advanced collector to determine value. You may be able to determine some of its history through the Cody Museum in Cody, Wyoming, where, for a fee, they will research the original purchaser and provide a letter stating its as-shipped features.

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