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What is the age of a 22 magnum-20 gauge Savage over-under Model V V 18?



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This was my question but this website reworded it and made it confusing. I'm looking for the year or years such a gun was made. This one also has coyote and phesant engravings on a stainless steel receiver and trigger with double blued barrels. What's wrong with the question? Since you don't give a serial number, the best answer you could hope for is range of manufacture dates. Now, work with me. Where did you find that V V 18 model number? The Blue Book lists all Savage combination guns as Model 24. Only a handful were available as 22 WMR/20 gauge and one of these came with a chrome, not stainless, frame. That one is Model 24MDL, manufactured from 1962 to 1969.