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This was my question but this website reworded it and made it confusing. I'm looking for the year or years such a gun was made. This one also has coyote and phesant engravings on a stainless steel receiver and trigger with double blued barrels. What's wrong with the question? Since you don't give a serial number, the best answer you could hope for is range of manufacture dates. Now, work with me. Where did you find that V V 18 model number? The Blue Book lists all Savage combination guns as Model 24. Only a handful were available as 22 WMR/20 gauge and one of these came with a chrome, not stainless, frame. That one is Model 24MDL, manufactured from 1962 to 1969.

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Can you find a stock for a savage 330 overunder 20 gauge?


What is the price of a savage 24s e 20 gauge 22 Lr overunder gun?

They have become collectable in the last few years. 100-500 USD

1951 20 GAUGE overunder?

What do you want to know?

Value of 12 gauge savage shotgun?

model 620-a

Where is the model number on an old 16 gauge Savage shotgun?

== ==

What barrel does the 220 model savage have?

The Savage model 220 was available in 12 gauge,16 gauge,20gauge,28gauge,and 410 gauge chambered barrels,with a barrel length of between 26 inches-32 inches.

Who made sears shotgun model number 101.100a in a 12 gauge?

your sears shotgun was made by savage arms.There model number was savage model 96.

Age of Stevens model 530a 16 gauge shotgun?

How old US a Stevens savage model 530a 16 gauge

What is the age of a Stevens savage Model 124 12 gauge?

The Stevens Savage Model 124 12 gauge shotgun was made from 1949 to 1954. The serial number will signify the actual year of manufacture.

What is the value of the Savage Model 24 - 3030 -12 gauge?

A Savage model 24 -3030- 12 gauge in good condition is valued at $500. It is a rifle over shotgun combo.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Savage Model 775A semi automatic shotgun?

Your Savage model 775A was made during the years 1950-1965.

What is the value of a Savage over under 33-20 gauge long rifle?

No such model made by Savage.

What year is savage model 24s-c and the worth?

If you have a Savage model 24S(20 gauge,or 410 gauge)with the .22cal,then these were made from 1964-1971.If you have a model 24C(campers companion)nickel finish,.22cal over 20 gauge)20 in barrel.These were made from 1972-1988.

What year was the savage 12 gauge automatic model 755a manufactured in?


When was the Savage Arms model 720 12 gauge manufactured?

1930 - 1949

Who made Model 267 12 gauge coast to coast shotgun?

savage made this model,orig model is a 77

How old is the savage springfeild model 67 f pump 20 gauge?

Your savage/stevens model 67 was produced in recent times having finished production of this model in 1989.

Age of a savage 245 e 20 gauge 22 Lr overunder gun?

The Savage 24S (not 245) was made in the late 60's though the late 70's. Exact production date can be determined through the serial number, if it's that important.

Value of savage shotgun model 330 o u?

What is current value of Valmet/Savage model 330 o/u 20 gauge. Great condition.

What is the value of a Savage model 220 16 gauge shotgun?

The savage model 220 shotgun made from 1938-1965 will bring between 40-75 dollars.

What year and what is the value of your savage model 28 12 gauge full serial?

What year and what is the value of your savage model 28 12 guage full serial # 19495?

How do you disasemble a browning 12 gauge overunder?

Go to and download a manual.

What is the price of a savage Stevens model 940 20 gauge shotgun?

Do not get any ideas

Who made model 267 20 gauge coast to coast shotgun?

Savage Stevens

What is the age of savage model 720 16 gauge shotgun manufactured under browning patent?

This model was made by Savage between 1930 and 1949. Dates by Serial are unknown

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