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Smith & Wesson Military & Police, made 1948.

2006-08-02 10:33:08
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Q: What is the age of a 38 SW Spc Ctg six-shot with a 2 inch barrel and square butt but no model number or patent dates serial c 165466?
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Where is the regulation number on a Daisy model 1894?

There are no regulation numbers on a Daisy model 1894. On the left side of the barrel you will find the model number, Registration number and the patent number.

Revolver has New Police 38 on barrel left side and frame Barrel right side and patent dates on top agree with Police Positive Serial no 6 What is it?

what's the serial number ???? Serial number 6

Patent number on antique to look up the original patent?

If it is a U.S. patent, you can go to the USPTO website for patent searches and enter the number in "patent number search".

What is a patent pending or patent number notice?

Patent pending is a warning that a patent application has been filed. It is completely worthless until and unless a patent is actually issued for that invention. Patent number notice means a patent with that number was issued for the invention that is implemented in the product labeled with that number.

What was the patent number for the mailbox?

There is no specific patent number for the mailbox.

What is the patent number for printing braille?

the patent number is 5209584

What is the model number of your j Stevens lever action the patent date stamped on the barrel mar 1910 it is a 32 rem cal?


What is a patent number?

A patent number is the code that helps identify an invention.

Remington 12A serial number 491477. Last date stamped on barrel is April 16 1912. Any idea when it was manufactured?

Is was made in 1919, that is the patent date. I suspect I have the patent posted in the patent section of the Gallery on the Remington Society of America if you want to see it...

What does the pt mean when shown on a colt pt FA mfg stamped barrel?

I believe 'pt' stands for patent, as in Colt patent firearms

What is value and age of savage model 24 patent number 2259397 with 2foot barrel?

the value ranges from $200.00-$800.00 depending on the condition of the fire arm.

What is the US patent number for Humira?

The US patent number is US 7198789 B2.

What model is a J Stevens and co number 5986 patent Sept 6 1854 barrel is 24 octogan barrel single shot and where do I find information on it a 22 shell is to small for the gun?

You need to find a good gunsmith.

I have an old Remington shotgun that I would like to know the age of I cant find a model number on it although on the side of the barrel it says MOD RJ it is a 12 ga Patent is 436341?

I can't tell from a patent #, is it a pump or auto? Is the RJ on the left side of the barrel near the receiver if so that's a date code from November 1940.

How do i find out when a patent number was registered?

You communicate with the Patent Office.

Who holds patent number 555408021?

There is no US patent 555408021. There is also no US patent 55408021.

Where can you get a manual for a 12 gauge pump shotgun that has Browning Patent engraved on the barrel?

You need to identify the make and model of the shotgun. Dozens of different makes of guns show a browning patent on the barrel. Recheck and re-ask the question - Thank you

What is the phone number of the Holland Patent Free Library in Holland Patent?

The phone number of the Holland Patent Free Library is: 315-865-5034.

When did the Frisbee get a patent?

The Frisbee patent was issued on September 30, 1958 as Design Patent number D183,626.

Who made a gun which barrel is marked for 38 Smith and Wesson ctgs side of barrel has Secret Service Special barrel is 3 inch has patent date of May 22 1917 model number 36602 and is 5 shot cylinder?

ethiopians first had the gun in their secret camp on mount gonder.

Colt New Service .45 caliber revolver patent date 1888 double actioned nine inch barrel serial number 8783 with a lanyard?

about 1904

What are the patent numbers for the browning citori and bss shotguns?

Serial number on a Citori is under the breakdown lever on the receiver. It should also be stamped on the barrel where it locks up on the receiver.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens single shot 22 caliber 7 inch long barrel top loaded handgun serial number 38968?

AnswerNeed to know EXACTLY how the gun is marked. All the barrel markings including patent dates, etc.sales@countrygunsmith.netTHE NUMBER STAMPED ON THE BARRELIS 52869 AND THE BARREL MEASURES 8 INCHES LONG

What is the value of a J Stevens 20 gauge with an octagon barrel with a patent date of 1864?


How do you look up an old patent number from Reflect One Corp?

If it is a U.S. patent, you can go to the USPTO website for patent searches and enter the number in "patent number search". You can obtain the online image of nearly any US patent ever issued (using TIFF format). If you do not know the patent number, you may have to go elsewhere for more information, as the USPTO database prior to 1976 cannot be searched by anything other than the patent number.