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Did the description fit your Wards gun? If so, try to find a copy of Standard Catalog of Firearms and compare it to the pictures. Both Wards and Sears contracted with several manufacturers for guns marked with their various trade names. There are a lot of Winchesters in the Sears cross-reference list. I've never seen a good list for Wards, Penneys, or Speigel, but I'm sure there will be a few Winnies there too.

forwhat is the age of a westernfiWestern Field 22's were the house names of the firearm, where the manufacture name may vary. For example the wards westernfield 22 model 36 B is crossreferenced to the manufactures numbers for Mossberg model 10 and 25A,or the Savage 521. A good website to check out is htpp:// Good hunting. P.S.The Westernfield model 36 B was produced from 1936 to 1938.
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Q: What is the age of a Western Field 22?
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