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This is a standard weight 16ga auto 5. It was made in 1962. The barrel should read: Browning Arms Company St. Louis mo. & Montreal P.Q. If the barrel only reads St Louis and not Montreal, then the barrel is not original to the gun when it was sold.

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Does the Browning Company make a sem-auto rifle that has a clip in it?

yes it does but the clip is inside the floorplate which must be dropped down first.this is the browning model BAR(browning automatic rifle).

Who is the COO of the Browning Arms Company?

The Browning Arms Company was founded in 1927 by John Browning. Charles Guevremont is the CEO of the Browning Arms Company as of September 14, 2014.

When was Browning Arms Company created?

Browning Arms Company was created in 1927.

Browning Arms Company where do you get browning gunsmithing service?

Browning lists authorized repair centers on their web site

When was the browning firearm company started?

Officially the Browning Arms Co. started in 1923

How many guns does the browning arms company make?

Browning does not make firearms, FN does.

What year was browning firearms established?

Browning Arms Company was founded in 1927 in Utah.

What about Browning 9mm browning arms company Morgan Utah Montreal pq made in belgium sn 245 fe 28563?

What about Browning 9mm browning arms company morgan utah montreal pq made in belgium sn 245 fe 28563?

When did browning stop making shotgun shells?

Browning did not make ammunition. They contracted another company to make it for them.

What was the difference between the Browning company established in 1927 in Utah and the Springfield Company?

What Springfield Company are you referring too? Browning didn't have a Company in Springfield, but they did have their operations in St Louis Missouri. The Headquarters for the Browning Companies was in Ogden for many years, known as Browning Bros. and also the JM & MS Browning Co. In 1927 they created the Browning Arms Company in the United States to sell under that name the gun imports from Belgium. In 1931 Browning moved their Sales and distribution operations from Ogden to St. Louis Missouri and it remained there until 1964 when they moved to Morgan Utah. Browning guns are all from the same Company that imported, made and sold guns known as Browning's. Most all the Browning guns were made in Belgium and Japan, however some people have had confusion over the guns made in the USA, St. Louis Mo. These guns are the auto-5's that Remington made for Browning during WWII. They were actually made in New York by Remington, not in St Louis.

What company owns browning?

Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal

What was the three digit MOS for a rifleman in an infantry company in World War 2?

745 Rifleman 746 Rifleman, Auto (BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle)

Who owns browning arms company?

Fabrique Nationale de Herstal

Who were John M Browning's brothers?

John M Browning had only one full brother, Mathew S. Browning. Matt was a partner in the Browning Bros. Arms companies and a named contributor to several of the Browning gun patents as a designer. Matt was most active in the business aspects of their enterprises while John concentrated on design and manufacturing. The original name of the company was J.M. Browning & Bro (singular for Matt). When the company changed names as it did several times, and "Bros." (plural) appears in the title, it was for John & Matt. At one time the company was the "J.M. & M.S. Browning Arms Co.John had several half brothers from two other wives of his father's who were employees of the company; Sam, George and Edmund.

Does Browning Arms make a clip that will hold more than four rounds for your 22-250?

It probably depends on the model, and if Browning doesnt make one, perhaps an aftermarket company does. Contact Browning customer service at link below.

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