What is the age of your springfield model 52a that has mark of a 14 inside a circle?

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Your serial number indicates that your Springfield model 1903 rifle was made in the year 1918.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Springfield model 1903 rifle was made in the year 1920.

Not in any reference I have seen.

it most likely is a trade mark.

The "Flaming Bomb" as it is called, is the Mark for the Springfield Armory at Springfield Massachusetts. In operation from 1794-1968. Guns Manufactured there were marked with the flaming bomb.

A five-sided star inside a circle

springfield massatuches

Need more info - It could be a trade-mark or a model number.

Most likely 1969. To be sure look on the barrel, you will see a proof mark in a circle. The letter will be following one or two numbers. V=1968 W=1969 X=1970. Add or subtract to find your year.

Is it the mark 6? If so, there is a big circle button on the right hand side of the dash

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