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Lots of hand labor. There are some natural alternatives available, particularly for the home gardener, but they typically are not as effective and will not eliminate the need for hand labor.

Read books or magazines on organic gardening for more detailed alternatives.
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How do pesticides work?

Depends on the type and some work in more than one way. For example boric acid is a stomach poison most bugs ingest when they groom, however, dusts can also clog the spiracles (holes in abdomen they breathe through) or dry out their exoskeletons (dessicants) Organophosphates act on their nervous sys ( Full Answer )

What is a pesticide?

A pest-killer is what a pesticide is. Specifically, the word is an English noun in its singular form. It originates in the addition of the suffix -cide to the English word pest. The suffix traces back to the Latin noun cida ("slayer") from the Latin verb cidere ("to strike down").

What do pesticides do?

The idea is that they kill pests, usually farm pests such as locusts, weevils, wasps, flies, aphids and so on. The problem is that they also injure or kill wild animals, farm animals, farmers and other people. Check out herbicide, insecticide, biocide, and vermicide.

Disadvantage of pesticides?

Disadvantages of Pesticides . Reduction of beneficial species : Animals which interact with the targeted pest can also be affected by he chemical application. The reduction in these other organisms can result in changes in the biodiversity of an area and affect natural biological balances. . ( Full Answer )

Why are pesticides bad?

Pesticides are poisons: they kill the particular pest that they are intended to kill, but then they seep into the soil or into water systems, where they can kill other needed insects, can be ingested by fish or other aquatic life, and from there be ingested by birds or larger animals. A buildup of ( Full Answer )

Disadvantages of pesticides?

Most pesticides poison and repel pests on crops. It makes the crops untouchable and pollutes the soil..

What does pesticide mean?

pesticide is a kind of chemical that is used to kill mosquitoes!!! It means it kills pests. Like bugs and stuff.

What are the effects of pesticides?

They are fatally toxic to most insects, and to some other animals too, including fish. Larger concentrations may be poisonous to larger animals including us. Most of them appear to work by attacking the nervous system.

What are the alternatives to pesticides?

cultivation methods (make the plant strong), biological controls ( use the bugs force against it), or reproductive controls (cleaning the bugs from there dirt) and finaly pheromones ( the bug will think it is mating and walk into the trap). i hope this has helped :)

How are pesticides bad?

Yes pesticides are some what bad because of what they do, they kill insects. They also go threw the ground and eventually end in water making pollution... Some of the insects that the pesticides kill are actually not going to hurt the plants that the pesticides are on in the first place. that means ( Full Answer )

What is bio pesticides?

Bio Pesticides EPA definition: Biopesticides include naturally occurring substances that control pests (biochemical pesticides), microorganisms that control pests (microbial pesticides), and pesticidal substances produced by plants containing added genetic material (plant-incorporated protectants ( Full Answer )

Where did pesticide come from?

The first pesticides were probably phytotoxins , chemicals produced by plants to discourage insect infestation. The term "pesticide" simply describes how a chemical is used, not what it's made of. For example, the infamous Zyklon-B that the Nazis used in their death camps was manufactured as a pest ( Full Answer )

Are there any alternatives to pesticides?

There are many alternatives to pesticides that are naturallyoccurring or man made. Examples of alternatives to pesticidesinclude; beneficial insects, wood ash, diatomaceous earth, and soapsprays.

What if there were no pesticides?

Life would certainly be very different. Without DDT in previous wars, we would have possibly seen very different outcomes. Far fewer humans would be alive today because malaria and other very nasty plagues would be rampant. Food would be far less attractive. Your apples would have worms, your tom ( Full Answer )

What do pesticides do to your body?

Though pesticides have some good in them, they also have bad. Pesticides accumulate in the fat deposits in the body where they remain and cause damage. Children are more likely to suffer negative effects from pesticide exposure than adults In and around homes, children and adults spend a lot of time ( Full Answer )

What is an example of a pesticide?

N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide Also known as DEET This is the common pesticide used to kill mosquitos during the summer.

Who develops alternative less harmful pesticide?

There really are not less harmful pesticides. They are all harmful.However, vinegar is supposed to keep some pests away. There arealso companies that are working on genetically modifying plants tokeep bugs away or make them immune from diseases.

What is organic pesticides?

Organic pesticides are those compounds which help eliminate or suppress a given pest, but are made from naturally-occurring materials. Bt ( bacillus thuringiensis ) bacterial sprays, pyrethroid insecticides (made from chrysanthemums), and insecticidal soaps are a few examples. Synthetic pesticides ( ( Full Answer )

What is an ideal pesticide?

safe for use. non toxic to either humans, mammels or fish . non residual- preferably biodgradable and or UV degradable . selective in its effect . works in multiple kill mods making it hard to develop ressistence to . cheap . non phytotoxic . easy for use . possibly a biological agent which c ( Full Answer )

How do pesticides get in food?

Many foods are treated, but washed many times before it even reaches the consumer who many times will wash it anyway. It should not actually be inside the food since not enough is applied normally to penetrate the soil & there are safeguards if it does. Moisture dilutes out almost anything & would h ( Full Answer )

What are the risks of pesticides?

The risk is generally to the applicator if common safety precautions are not followed. Some are absorbed more readily through the skin than others. Use appropriate protection for whatever you're handling & you should be fine. Do not overapply or apply in a manner inconsistant with it's labeling.(out ( Full Answer )

How can pesticides be good?

they kill the very things that kill our plants and makes ourlawns weed free. the bad thing is constant use of them, lead to COPD which destroys air sacks in your lungs.take it from me . give me a crappy lawn and small harvests from your backyard garden and let me breath again. A better question i ( Full Answer )

Why are pesticides good?

Without herbicides, the most widely-used class of pesticides in the United States, crop production and yields would drop, pristine habitat would have to be plowed under to accommodate more crop acres, and the additional cultivation would result in more soil erosion.

What are Chlorinated pesticides?

Chlorinated Pesticides are nerve agents used inagriculture as pesticides, around homes as termiticides, and ingrains as fungicides.

What is biomagnification of pesticides?

Biomagnification of pesticides basically means that theconcentration of the substance exceeds what it should be. Thismakes the pesticide more powerful and harmful.

Who invented pesticides?

Since a pesticide can control even spoilage of food, the inventor of the pesticide would have to be that first human who discovered that application of salt made some foods such as fish and or meats last much longer.

What is pesticides?

Pesticides are a collection of chemical or organic potions that will kill pests on plants, and also any other bugs as well.

Who makes pesticides?

Any of a number of corporations, including BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences, FMC, Monsanto, and Syngenta, just to name a few in the US. You don't have to be a big chemical company to make pesticides, though. If you have aphids in your garden, for example, you can make a homemade insecticid ( Full Answer )

What is an organic pesticide?

Well organic gardening does not involve the use of pesticides, but some gardeners use soap mixed with water, or keep praying mantis's or ladybugs in their garden to advert pesky bugs. Some gardeners even plant plants like Onion or Rosemary near their gardens too since they naturally repel unwanted b ( Full Answer )

What is classified as a pesticide?

A chemical that kills or deters any sort of "pest". Insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides are all examples of a pesticide. A "pest" in this situation would be classified as something that has the potential to destroy some sort of plant life.

What is a morter and pesticide?

it is a paste prepared by adding quantity of water to mixrure of binding material like cement or lime and fine aggrigate like sand

Is a pesticide an herbicide?

Sometimes. All herbicides are pesticides, but not all pesticides are herbicides. A pesticide is any material used to eradicate or suppress any other life form which causes a material or economic loss to humans. Pesticides is a very broad term which includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, avic ( Full Answer )

What are Bio pesticides?

Bio-pesticides are pesticides that only contain natural materials rather than chemicals found in most other forms. Essentially they are environmently-friendly pesticides.

Why are pesticides necessary?

To increase crop yield, reduce disease likelihood and infestation of businesses and to control populations. For example man is the rat's primary predator. if we did nothing to control them, in many places they would take over.

Can you use cactus as an alternative pesticides?

Some species of cactus with a milky sap (and all Euphorbia species) have a group of chemicals known as "diterpene esters" which have insecticidal properties. However, these chemicals are dangerous and can cause severe skin irritation as well as being carcinogenic (cancer-forming) and dangerous to aq ( Full Answer )

Are there any natural alternatives to pesticides for Termite Control?

There are many alternatives for termite control that don't involve the use of chemicals. You can try adding organic material to the soil since termites prefer to inhabit soils that are low in organic matter. Encouraging the higher populations of natural termite predators such as spiders, bees, and a ( Full Answer )

What are fertilizers and pesticides?

Fertilizers are to help plants, and pesticides are chemicals made to spray onto plants to keep bugs off the plant without harming it.

What is a pet safe alternative to pesticides to get rid of spiders?

The first thing you need to determine is why you want to get rid of the spiders. The ones in the U.S. that can kill people are the black widows and the brown recluse spiders. Black widow bites can only kill children and infirm adults. Since antivenoms have been available, nobody has died from their ( Full Answer )

What is is pest what are pesticides?

A pest is an unwanted insect/rodent. A pesticide is a poison used to stop insects eating crops and destroying plants

Where can pesticide be bought?

You can buy pesticide from ePestSupply online. They also offer free shipping and low prices guaranteed! They are also fully licensed and certified professionals.

What is pesticide resistance?

Pesticide resistance describes the decreased susceptibility of apest population to a pesticide that was previously effective atcontrolling the pest.

Who develops alternatives to pesticides - less harmful pesticides?

Chemical companies. And they just say that they are less harmful -they said the original chemicals were OK and sold them to you andnow you know they did you harm. Fool me once shame on you - fool metwice shame on me. Are you going to be fooled twice?