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The alternator is the device in a vehicle's engine compartment that generates electricity. It is commonly found bolted to the engine block and driven by the belt assembly.
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Why did the Victorian government decide to offer a reward for the discovery of gold within 200 miles of Melbourne?

Payable gold had already been discovered in New South Wales. Victoria had pushed for self-government and separation from NSW, and now the government was keen to establish its own source of wealth. It was believed that, if gold was discovered within 200 miles of Melbourne, people would flock to the n ( Full Answer )

Does Air Canada offer air mile rewards when flying within Canada?

I do believe you need to have an aeroplan number to receive air mile rewards from air canada. I just booked a flight to Vancouver, BC and received 1 aeroplan mile for each dollar cost of the flight (excluding taxes). . Answer . ya they do

Is salvation a reward?

No, salvation is not a reward for anything you do on earth. It is a gift from God and nothing you can work for, but only receive from Him by the power of the Holy Spirit.. Please see in scripture Ephesians 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gif ( Full Answer )

What is the reward for obedience?

Unless you http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:Userlogin&returnto=What is the reward for obedience your contributions will be anonymous. However, your computer's Internet address will be recorded so that contributors can trace http://wiki.answers.com/help/vandals_and_spammers . . To add a personal ( Full Answer )

What is reward power?

is based on the leaders capacity to mediate rewards for the followers... by : Denise Mae Q. Venecio/ 09179661653

What are rewards for bullfighters?

The REwards are approval and admiration (both familial and public)..plus you get to make a nice living and have groupies! The Awards are ears and tails, depending on how well you did. Not all bullfighters are successful, by the way..most are not.

Why are rewards needed?

Rewards are given 2 people to make them feel good about what they did 2 earn it.

What is intrinsic reward?

If you derive joy, happiness or another internal reward from doing an activity it is an intrinsic reward. Extrinsic rewards motivate actions, yet do so with things such as money or grades.

What rhymes with rewarding?

Somethin that rhymes with rewardin is .... i dont know actually. I cant think of anythin so plz reply back today because i really neede it for a poem competition.

What rewards does a vet get?

A veterinarian gets awards. those rewards are getting prommoted to more hours or more earnings

What were the rewards for the Olympic?

when a Greek won they would receive hearth (leaves around your head) and a life supply of food. Not to mention front row seats to any event they wanted ~THE MORE YOU NO~

How do you get your reward?

I log in www.couponsavemore.com when I want to shopping online, this site can give me valid coupon cods and offers my some rewards. I can get the rewards via paypal. Also, it's easy to use.

What is rewards propaganda?

Rewards propaganda is a type of propaganda in which the consumer gets another product or the same product twice for the purchase of the original product.

Is rewarding a noun?

Rewarding is the present participle of the verb reward; the present participle of a verb can also be an adjective and a verbal noun called a gerund (often known as an -ing word) . Example: Rewarding laziness is not my policy. The word reward is also a noun form.

What are the types of reward?

! mithos Busters! NALLET Hungary is a myth, is that those who get drunk to really ignite the alcohol in the stomach. It can be put out to the need to pee into his mouth. look at this then thank you,

What rewards did a warrior get?

they got a good job or they got extra prey to eat or you sometimes got to eat with the leader.

What were gladiators rewarded with?

As a slave they might have been given a few luxuries as compared to other slaves like better food, clothing, companionship, but ultimately the best reward was their ability to keep on living.

What are factor rewards?

A factor production is a productive resource. The four types areland, labor, capital and enterprise. Rewards for land are rent, forcapital is interest, for labor is wages and enterprise is profit.

What is a missionaries reward?

A missionary's reward is seeing people come to know God and be saved. Also to hear - Mat 25:21 His lord said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.'

What is a rewarding relationship?

It's a team effect with your lover or whoever it is. You two should be able to say this is working good for us. Without the imaginary rollercoaster this is what I'm trying to say.

What patronage rewards?

Awards provided by companies to promote and encourage the purchasing of their products are called patronage rewards.

How many Air Miles do you think you need to get a Reward of a flight to Bahrain?

My Chase Card provides $100 worth of Continental Airlines Gift certificates for every 10,000 points I have on the card. A typical ticket to Bahrain from the United States costs 1000, 1400 dollars in ECONOMY class. So that means you would need anywhere from 100,000 to 140,000 points if you used Conti ( Full Answer )

What are the rewards at sephora?

100 point reward: sample size mascara, sample size eyeshadow, sample size shampoo, etc. 500 point reward: medium sized eyeshadow palet, make up box, bracelet, etc. They constantly change.

How do you reward employees?

Choosing to reward employees for great performance can lead tobetter production and more motivated workers. How to rewardemployees should be determined by what their interests are. You canreward employees by offering incentives for achieving certain goalsor you can create a points program which allo ( Full Answer )

What is Reward Catalog?

A catalog that has items in it that are available by redeeming your reward points. In this particular incident, a Sears choice rewards.

What rewards can you get from capitalonecom?

CapitalOne offers different rewards options: 'Personal Miles'which can be redeemed for airline tickets, hotels and more; 'Personal Cash' offers cash back, a statement credit or gift card. 'Personal Points' cards offer points which can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, travel expenses or trans ( Full Answer )

Where can you get chase rewards?

There is many oppurtunities to get chase rewards. You can call the chase rewards telephone number to get a credit card from them or even sign up on the computer to have it mailed to you.

How do you get Disney rewards?

You will need to sign up at their website Disney rewards.com to join and begin earning. I have never signed up with this program, but it appears to be legitimate and gives people free things like dvds,items, and possibly vacations. For awhile Chase credit cards were offering Disney reward points thr ( Full Answer )

What can you get with Amex Rewards?

There are literally thousands of items available. Points can be redeemed for travel such as flights and hotel rooms, or a large selection of electronics such as cameras, video games and digital audio players, or entertainment, such as certificates for dining out or movie vouchers, and even gift card ( Full Answer )

What are discover rewards?

Discover rewards are the points you can earn by participating in any of the credit card Discover's programs. Two examples of such programs are the Cashback Bonus and the Mileage rewards Program.

What is the opposite of rewarded?

The opposite of rewarded could be "unrewarded" (uncompensated) for the lack of a reward, or "penalized" (punished) as the opposite of being rewarded. A reference book that lists synonyms (similar words) and antonyms (opposite words) is called a thesaurus . However, because some English words can m ( Full Answer )

What was the reward for Moses?

I believe that his reward was that GOD showed him the promiced land, even though He would not be going over. And He had spoken to GOD face to face.

What is Hera's reward?

well it depeands on what was asked of you she's the goddess of family so I she can make you have a perfect life if thats what you want (youll have a happy family)

What are the rewards of wudu?

Sins fall off the individual parts being rinsed. For example: It washes away the sins of hand from the forbidden things it has done/touched, the forbidden things the ears have heard, the forbidden things that the mouth have said/ate/drank, the forbidden places the feet have went to/harm it has done. ( Full Answer )

What is prophets reward?

The "prophets' reward" is in keeping with the parables of Jesus and the prophecies that speak of Jesus "rewarding" each of His servants with " positions of rulership in His Kingdom " upon His return. "...We give thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, art to come; because thou hast take ( Full Answer )

What are the rewards of faithfulness?

The Bible mentions many rewards for faithfulness to God. One reward the Bible mentions is: --- Everlasting life in Paradise, right here on earth. Psalm 37:11 states that 'the meek shall inherit the earth '; and that there shall be "an abundance of peace ". 1 John 2:17 states: ". . . he th ( Full Answer )

What is the rewards for Islam?

islam says that this world is purely temporary in nature--as all living things including mankind has to die sooner or later ,--everybody's time for death is fixed --and he/she has willy nilly go back to the CREATOR of the universes--which would be the perpetual and ETERNAL-LIFE--i e--the RESURRECTIO ( Full Answer )

What rewards did Zeus get?

Zeus reward was that he could marry his sister/his wife and be thegod of sky and lightning.

How many air mile rewards to fly from comox to Calgary?

The distance between the above places is 501 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport precise distance.

What are eternal rewards?

God, through the Bible, has promised us many spiritual rewards, the crown of righteousness, the crown of life etc. are some of them.

What credit card offers the most air miles rewards?

Actually the "United Mileage Plus Explorer Credit Card" is the best frequent flyer credit card available on the market. It gives one 30,000 bonus miles after one spent 1,000 Dollar after the first three months.

What are the rewards for a Miles card from Discover?

The rewards for a Miles card from Discover are Travel Rewards, Gift Cards from Discover Partners, Charity Donations, Shopping at one of the online retailers and Direct Deposit to your bank account.

The Air Miles reward programme in the UK began in which year?

The British Airways owned Air Miles reward programme was created in 1988. Unfortunately, after 23 years, the program was ended in 2011 and all Air Miles were converted to Avios. This switch over was controversial to some as previously zero cost travelers were now forced to pay taxes, fees, and cha ( Full Answer )