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Unless there's a specific clause in the contract or the car is a lemon as outlined by your state's law, you CANNOT return a car to a dealer, new or used. Once you've signed a legally binding contract, you are obligated to abide by that contract. There's no grace period or three-day cooling off period with regard to car purchases; that applies to every state. The only way you would haveg rounds to invalidate the contract is if, as stated before, the car is a true lemon or the dealer made an express warranty to you, as in "the transmission is brand new and runs great," when in fact the transmission is shot. Otherwise, you own a car.

2006-08-15 11:45:35
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If you purchase a used vehicle in Nevada and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?

"If you purchase a used vehicle in Nevada and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?"

Can I return my vehicle when I get deployed in the military?

You could sell it, but I don't believe you can return your vehicle to the dealership for a refund just because you are deploying.

How do you voluntarily return a vehicle to the dealership?

You must leave it ON the dealers property somehow.

How long do I have if I want to return a car to a dealership in Maryland?

If you bought the vehicle you cannot return it period. The Buyers Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

How long do you have to return a vehicle purchase?

You actually do not have a set period of time to return a vehicle purchase. There is no law that requires a dealership to take a vehicle back once purchased unless the vehicle is faulty.

What allows a person to use a car for two to three years and then return it to the dealership?


What allows a person to use a car for two or three years and then return it to the dealership?


Which of these allows a person to use a car for two to three years and then return it to the dealership?


Do Oregonians have to pay California vehicle sales tax when purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership?

If you plan on registering the vehicle in OR, then no. You will be issued a "trip permit," which acts as temporary registration until you return to OR.

Can you return a car to the dealership within three days if it has been financed but there was fraudulent behavior on the part of the dealership?

you can not return a car with in any amount of time unless the sale was made away from the dealership i.e. at your house if there was fraudulent behavior you might point that out to the dealership thay may be willing to take it back in lue of a legal battle

What allows a person to use a car for two to three years and then return it to dealership?

A lease agreement.

Can you return your car to dealership in Illinois?

i purchased a new vehicle last night and have now discovered that i can't financially afford to keep it, but would like to trade down with the same dealership. what's the possibility of returning the vehicle in Illinois without suffering consequences?

After a vehicle is repossessed and you pay it off in full when does the lender have to return the vehicle to you is it as soon as its paid off or can they take a few days to return it?

If the vehicle is paid it is yours you should not have to wait any amount of time.

What's a rebate on a vehicle mean?

A rebate is a deduction from an amount to be paid or a return of part of an amount given in payment.

Could you inform me about used car dealership?

When you go to a used car dealership, you should always ask them if the vehicle has been in any accidents, if they can provide repair history, a buyer's guide, and ask what their return policy is. If the dealership cannot provide repair history or has a no returns policy it is best to find a different dealership.

Dealership did not sign a bill of sale?

Return to the dealership immediately and have the situation corrected.

In Pennsylvania if you have problems with a used car two days after the purchase can you return it to the dealership?

Perhaps, it depends upon the "lemon laws" of the state in which the vehicle is bought.

Dose Toyota give you time return the car after you purchase it?

Dealerships have different policies- contact the dealership where you bought your vehicle for more specific information.

Can a person be charged with Grand Theft Auto if they return the vehicle?

yes, you still stole it

Can you return a car for a refund if the dealership where you bought the car has not supplied you with a title.?

You cannot return the vehicle for a refund. Unless you signed the title when you bought the vehicle, you really can't be sure the dealership had the title. The title may have to come directly from the state issuing the title. If you bought the vehicle used, there may have been a payoff on it and the title will have to come from the lender of the previous owner. If you bought it new, they would have to send the MSO to get the license plates and it will come from the state agency of motor vehicles. The dealership does not supply the title of a vehicle. If not purchased from a private party or in some cases, paid for in full, the buyer must take all the information, bill of sale, and so forth to the DMV, register the vehicle, pay sales tax and licensing fees, and a title will be mailed to the buyer with the lender shown as lien holder or a clear title, meaning the vehicle is solely owned by the person(s) whose names are shown on the title itself.

You bought a used vehicle 4 days ago you think you made a mistake Can you return the vehicle to the dealership?

No. There is no "buyers remorse" law for vehicles. If you change your mind 1 minute after driving off the lot, the car is still yours.

Can you buy a used car and return before 72 hours?

In most states there is no "Return Clause" if you went to a dealership to purchase the vehicle. If someone came to your home or place of work and consumated the sale you may have a 72 hour return opportunity. The difference is that if you went to the dealership you actually initiated the transaction and have no remedy. If they came to your home or place of business theyinitiated the transaction and you may have the right to recind your agreement.

Can you return a new auto purchase under 30 days in illionis?

That would depend on the dealership at which youl made your purchase. The standard right of recision (right to change your mind) is three business days after a contract is signed. Of course, you could return your auto to the dealership, but they would consider it a used vehicle and, again, it would be their option to buy it from you or not.

How long do you have to return a used vehicle that just bought today in south dakota?

If it is a used vehicle and the contract states that you bought it "as is", you can not return the vehicle. Unless you were somehow misled as to the deal, the vehicle, or the contract, and can prove it, you can not return the vehicle.

In Tennessee is it better to get the car back or let the dealership have it?

The dealership is not involved unless the vehicle is leased. If the dealership has repossessed a leased vehicle, it is gone; you will not get it back. If the vehicle was being purchased by loan and the lender has repossessed it, you may get it back, but you have to balance what you would owe against what you do owe. To recover a repossessed vehicle, you may have to pay the following fees: * Past due balance * Any late fees associated with the delinquency * Repossession fees * Storage fees * Legal fees * Court costs * Recovery fees (the cost associated with processing the paperwork to return the vehicle to you). However, if you do not retake possession of the vehicle, you will still be responsible for most of these additional costs, and you will have nothing to show for it.