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What is malnutrition?

Malnutrition is a\ncondition which occurs when there is a deficiency of certain vital nutrients in\na person's diet. The deficiency fails to meet the demands of the body leading\nto effects on the growth, physical health, mood, behaviour and other functions of\nthe body. Malnutrition commonly affect ( Full Answer )

What is an antonym for 'to'?

Two antonyms of some usages of to are from and after . To is a word with many uses both as a preposition and an adverb. There are no antonyms for most usages, but there are for two of the most common meanings. When to is used as a function word relating to movement ("walked to her schoo ( Full Answer )

How is malnutrition caused?

Malnutrition can be caused by an unbalanced diet, or insufficientfood, or unhealthy foods. One or more of these three can cause (orexacerbate) any of the following: high cholesterol, anemia, beriberi, pellagra, scurvy, rickets, diabetes, obesity, hypertension,osteoporosis, weakness, heart and artery ( Full Answer )

What are the symptoms of malnutrition?

Malnutrition is the condition that occurs when a person's body isnot getting enough nutrients. The condition may result from aninadequate or unbalanced diet, digestive difficulties, absorptionproblems, or other medical conditions. Symptoms vary with the specific malnutrition-related disorder.However ( Full Answer )

What are the states of malnutrition?

Answer . Malnutrition (Malnutrition) is due to the heat and / or protein result of the chronic lack of nutritional deficiency. More common in infants period. As the people's life has improved, the incidence of malnutrition has dropped significantly. Many see the current malnutrition infant feedin ( Full Answer )

What causes malnutrition?

Nutrition that doesn't promote health. For example an overweight person eating a lot of junk food or a person with inadequate food supplies, who hasn't got enough to eat.

What are the causes of malnutrition?

Malnutrition is caused by a lack of nutrients to the body,or aninadequate diet. Another cause is starvation, which is lack of foodto the body.

What is malnutrition caused by?

Malnutrition is caused mainly by the lack of appropriate nutrientsand vitamins that can be obtained by eating good and nutritiousfoods everyday.

What are the effects of malnutrition?

Malnutrition is caused by an absence of food or nutrients or an over-abundance of food or nutrients. Some of the signs and symptoms of malnutrition are Anemia, Weight loss, decreased muscle mass and weakness. Some long term effects of malnutrition can be poor growth and problems with organ function ( Full Answer )

Effects of malnutrition?

Our body is a biological mass and in order to survive it needs proper elements to maintain it in working order. minimum quantity of various things are needed to keep the body alive for which we have to consume food from which our body can extract the required elements to keep it going. among the ele ( Full Answer )

What cause malnutrition?

malnutrition is caused by a variety of things. Cooking food too long takes nutrients out of food. Some food manufacturing processes take nutrients out of food, like when they process rice and sugar certain vitamins are taken out just because it can't be helped. You can buy raw sugar and rice(brow ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent malnutrition?

Eating a balanced diet... But on third world countries it is hard to do that because of poverty...

What are the disadvantages of malnutrition?

Without the correct amounts of vitamins, minerals, and protein, your body will slowly begin to shut down. Our bodies will not continue to "GO" on nothing. If you are sitting at home eating chips and drinking soda pop, then you might get fat, water, and sugar but that wouldn't be enough for any one p ( Full Answer )

Malnutrition is caused by what?

Malnutrition can be caused by an unbalanced diet, or insufficientfood, or unhealthy foods. One or more of these three can cause (orexacerbate) any of the following: high cholesterol, anemia, beriberi, pellagra, scurvy, rickets, diabetes, obesity, hypertension,osteoporosis, weakness, heart and artery ( Full Answer )

Signs of malnutrition?

There are a variety of symptoms of malnutrition. Some of theseinclude loosing 5-10% of body weight in short period of time, lackof energy, irritability, poor concentration, as well as depression.

What malnutrition does to the body?

If there is presence of malnutrition, then there is depletion ofimportant nutrients that the body need to function fully. As aresult, the body could become less efficient in doing usual taskssuch as running, walking, working. There will be less healthy cellsin the body that may results to diseases s ( Full Answer )

How do you prevent a malnutrition?

In such conditions, the enzymes for the digestion ,protein absorption and transport system are less active, feeding these children wiht high quantity of protein or good quality of protein would be harmful. So it should be carefully noted for treating such patients. Their diet should be gradually ( Full Answer )

What is a feature of malnutrition?

If a person doesn't get adequate nutrition they have malnutrition.Some signs of this include low weight, sickness, and dry eyes.

What are the antonyms?

Of what? An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. So up is the antonym of down, for instance.

What is the opposite of malnutrition?

Over eating or something like that. I think you are trying to find a word which means taking too much vitamin and minerals.

Why is there malnutrition in the Philippines?

Aside from poverty and food production problems, one reason could be the declining trend in vegetable consumption among Filipinos. The latest food consumption survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute shows that vegetable consumption among Filipinos has been declining for the las ( Full Answer )

How do you stop malnutrition?

Well, you have to eat lots of sorts of nutrients, such as fruits and veggitables and tacos and burritios and gargoyles!

What is the history of malnutrition?

It has been the human's primal effort of life since the beginning of human kind to not be mal-nutritioned. Our brains are amazing muscles full of neurons that fire constantly and it is built into our brain that when our body is hungry, we must look for food to fill our stomachs. If there isn't food ( Full Answer )

Is malnutrition a disease?

it is not a disease, you can get it from eating one kind of food,and that food only, for a long period of time. So its kind of like hunger only 10 times worse. yes it is,if the definition of disease is a [serious] lack of balance in health

What are the treatment of Malnutrition?

first of all its what is or would be a good treatment for malnutrition learn to grammar stupid and a good plan would be to eat nutritious food such as fruit vegetables or if ya jus wanna eat have sum burgers god ppl are stupid

What is hunger and malnutrition?

Hunger is when you have a lack of food and nutrition and you have a desire for food and nutrients.

What are the importance of malnutrition?

Malnutirion is the condition of body when not enought nutrtions orexcess of nutition are supplied to the body. because of this manyother diseases occur, and one the major reason found by WHO isreported hunger and related malnutrition as the greatest singlethreat to the world's public health.

Where does malnutrition come from?

not being supplied with the right vitamins/minerals, carbs, protein etc for a healthy lifestyle -- examplis gratias: not being given enough food

What is primary malnutrition?

Primary malnutrition is when a person can't get food to eat orcan't afford food to eat and has to get government food or charityto survive.

Who is at risk for malnutrition?

In general: Children, the elderly, and those suffering from disease are most at risk for malnutrition. People with higher nutrient needs (like children or pregnant/lactating women) may be at risk for malnutrition if they do not consume the appropriate nutrients. Those suffering from/living with ( Full Answer )

What is severe malnutrition?

The World Health Organization defines severe acute malnutrition as a very low weight for height. Severe acute malnutrition is recognized a life threatening condition requiring urgent treatment.

What are causes of malnutrition?

Malnutrition, the result of a lack of essential nutrients, resulting in poorer health, may be caused by a number of conditions or circumstances. In many developing countries long-term (chronic) malnutrition is widespread - simply because people do not have enough food to eat. In more wealthy indus ( Full Answer )

Where is malnutrition a problem?

Malnutrition is a problem: 1) wherever there isn't enough food, orhealthy foods; and 2) wherever people tend to eat to much, orunhealthy foods in too-high amounts.

How can malnutrition be avoided?

In countries where nutritious food is readily available, malnutrition can be avoided by choosing to eat healthy food rather than junk. In countries where nutritious food is not available, other countries could (and often do) send nutritious food to them.

Malnutrition can be caused by?

Not eatin enough and being on the wrong diet. also by being on a diet without your doctors approval

What is the antonym for you are?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. Antonyms do not usually substitute for phrases. The phrase "you are" has no antonym. A contrasting version of "you are" is "you are not".

What is iatrogenic malnutrition?

Iatrogenic malnutrition is a protein-calorie malnutrition brought on by treatments, medications and hospitalization. Iatrogenic: induced inadvertently ( accidentally) by a doctor, medical treatment or diagnostic procedures.

What are features of malnutrition?

Malnutrition can mean an unbalanced diet, or insufficient food, orunhealthy foods. One or more of these three can cause (orexacerbate) any of the following: high cholesterol, anemia, beriberi, pellagra, scurvy, rickets, diabetes, obesity, hypertension,osteoporosis, weakness, heart and artery disease ( Full Answer )

When does malnutrition occur?

Malnutrition occurs when a person has an unbalanced diet, orinsufficient food, or unhealthy foods. One or more of these threecan cause (or exacerbate) any of the following: high cholesterol,anemia, beri beri, pellagra, scurvy, rickets, diabetes, obesity,hypertension, osteoporosis, weakness, heart an ( Full Answer )

How malnutrition can be cured?

Malnutrition can be cured by providing minimum calorie needed per day for say an adult through adequate staple food with fruits, milk etc as per Doctor's advice.Since it is a continuing process, it has to be maintained, one or two days' heavy diet will not change the situation nor the basic body str ( Full Answer )

What are the folate malnutrition?

Folate is present in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Deficiency of this vitamin causes problem in DNA duplication. The worst thing affected i you red blood cells. You get megaloblastic anaemia. This is a type of malnutrition.

Is malnutrition important?

Yes. It can cause (or exacerbate) any of the following: highcholesterol, anemia, beri beri, pellagra, scurvy, rickets,diabetes, obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis, weakness, heart andartery disease, goiter, night blindness, high blood pressure,immune deficiency, liver disease, atherosclerosis, cons ( Full Answer )

What are risks for malnutrition?

Umm.. well you shouldn't be malnutritioned, but you will become weak and tire easily..... and some random diseases that you can GOOGLE

What is the reaction about malnutrition?

in my reation about malnutrition that we must care our health and we must maintain our body clean.............in the malnutrition goverment must be added the heath reprduction of people........thats all I have thanksss.................. by. rogou 12///e.d///

Where does malnutrition happen?

malnutrition occurs mostly in poor places and places with higher population. young children become malnourished when they don't get the essential nutrients needed also malnutrition mostly happens in countries like Africa, India, Pakistan etc hope it helped :)

Why is malnutrition important?

Malnutrition is bad. That means not getting the nutrition needed to survive which causes health problems like anorexia.

What is and antonyms?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of a pair of words... Some examples would be :- male & female, long & short, lead & follow.

Is obesity malnutrition?

Kinda- sorta Obesity is basically about eating too much, too many calories,causing you to become really fat. Malnutrition is about not getting enough of all the differentnutrients needed to keep you healthy. Someone eating lots, but all of the same stuff, can get obese, andstill be missing some o ( Full Answer )