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Hey Sandra==Call a couple of local parts stores. OT shop on line at AUTOZONE.COM. It varies as to where you live. GoodluckJoe 2 years ago I paid about 65- 70 bucks for a rebuilt one for a 95 z28.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-25 15:40:04
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Q: What is the approximate cost for an alternator for a 1994 Camaro?
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How much does an alternator cost for 1997 Chevy Camaro?

expect to spend around 300 for a decent one

Approximately how much would it cost a shop to replace a fuel pump on a 1994 3.4L camaro?

about $700.00

How much should it cost to replace a 1996 Toyota Avalon alternator?

The approximate cost of replacing an alternator on a 1996 Toyota Avalon depends on whether you do it yourself or have a shop replace it. The alternator costs around $125 and it would take about two hours of labor for a total of approximately $300 if a shop did it.

How much is a 2006 Chevy Camaro cost?

Doesn't cost anything as there was no 2006 Camaro

Cost to replace transmission on 1999 Volvo XC?

The approximate cost of replacement of transmission a 1999 Volvo Xc is 429 to 724. This may also include alternator replacement as well.

How much does a used Camaro cost?

About 26,000 from a 2010 camaro

How much does an alternator cost for a Dodge Durango?

The average cost of and alternator for a Dodge Durango is $175. A used or rebuilt alternator will cost approximately $125.

What is the cost of chevrolet camaro ZL1 2013 in india?

The cost of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is $59,545.

What is the approximate cost of aliminum?

The approximate cost of aluminum is $0.81 per pound.

How much would it cost to repair a Transmission for a 1994 Chevy Suburban 1500 4x2 Automatic?

The approximate cost to repair your automatic transmission would be $1,200 dollars.

How much does a Camaro SS cost?

The 2012 Chevy Camaro starts at $54,095.

How much does a Chevy Camaro 2011 cost?

chevrsle camaro ss 2009

How much should it cost to replace a Honda odyssey alternator?

The cost to replace the alternator in a Honda Odyssey will depend on where it is purchased and installed. The average cost of an alternator is between $100 and $150.

How much will a current day camaro cost in 5 years?

a used camaro should cost somewhere in the 20000s in 5 years

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How much did a Chevy Camaro cost in 1960?

Nothing, as a 1960 Camaro doesn't exist...

How much does it cost to replace the distributor on a Honda Civic?

If you choose an aftermarket distributor, the approximate cost is $200. If you choose a distributor from a Honda dealer, the approximate cost is $400. The approximate cost of labor is $75-$100.

How much should a 1994 camaro z28 cost?

You can look this one up for yourself on the site. It depends on the condition of the car as well as what options are on the vehicle.

What does it cost to replace an alternator on a Ford Focus?

The exact cost of an alternator removal and new installation will vary based on shop, model year, and engine. For the 2013 Ford Fusion with the 2.0 L4 (naturally aspirated) the wholesale cost for factory Motorcraft alternator is around 233$ plus a core charge. Labor rates can include an electrical diagnostic fee and the actual labor for installation. The approximate labor time needed for this install is 1-hour.

What is the approximate cost to replace the catalytic converter on a 94 cadillac deville?

The average cost to replace a catalytic converter on a 1994 Cadillac DeVille is $700. This includes both the parts and labor.

What is the cost of a 66 Camaro ss pro touring muscle car?

The camaro wasn't made in 1966, the first year of the camaro was 1967.

How much does a Chevy Camaro cost?


How much does oil cost for a Camaro?


Cost to replace a Nissan Maxima alternator?

It should cost between 500-700 based on the brand of the alternator and the shop.

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