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about 100.00

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2008-01-09 19:54:38
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Q: What is the approximate value of a Savage Arms Model 887 caliber 22 long rifle serial 0178535?
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How old is 300 savage with serial 444744?

Your serial number indicates that your Savage model 99 rifle in 300 Savage caliber was made in the year 1947.

What is the approximate value of a savage arms model 887 caliber 22 long rifle serial 0360271?

in ok condition it is a about $100 in good condition about $120-$200

When was the savage 99E serial c527527 300 caliber manufactured?

The serial number to your Savage model 99E indicates that it was produced in the year 1949.

What year was the Savage model 1904 22 caliber rifle serial number 62437 made?

what year was savage model 1904 serial # 174724 made

What year savage 99 300 serial number 442224 made?

Your savage 99 lever action in 300 savage caliber was made by savage arms in 1947.

What year was a savage 99f serial number 1100536 made?


What is the age of a 250 Savage 3000 rifle serial 217391?

Your savage model 99 rifle in 250/3000 savage caliber was made by savage arms company in 1919.

What is the approximate range of a 270 caliber rifle.?

Impossible to answer with the maker's name and the serial number.

What is the approximate age of a Savage lever action 30-30 with a serial number 272941?

Your rifle was made by savage arms in 1925.

When was a savage model 99 serial number 794261 manufactured?

You need to provide caliber and any barrel markings (i.e. Savage Arms etc.).

What is the age of a 250 savage 3000 rifle serial 704977?

There is no way of knowing,unless you provide the model of rifle you have that is chambered in 250-3000 Savage caliber.

When was Savage Sporter bolt action 22 caliber rifle with no serial number but patent dates of 1905 1915 1917 manufactured?

manufactured by savage arms corp.utica.n.y.usa

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