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What is the area code for Honduras?

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504 (If you're calling from the US, dial 011 first, then 504, then the number)

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What is the country code of Honduras?

The country code of Honduras is 504.

What is the area of Honduras in km?

The area of Honduras in km is 112,492 km²

What is a valid zip or postal code for Honduras?

The postal or ZIP code for Honduras is varying based on the departments. so, please specify any specific department to tell oyu the postal or ZIP code for Honduras.

What is the area of Honduras in square miles?

Honduras - 43,278.17 square miles.

What is the size in square miles of Honduras?

Honduras' area is 43,433 square miles.

What is the area of Honduras squared?

It is 112,000 km2.

How do you send a fax to Honduras from the US?

The country code for Honduras is 504. So to send a fax to Honduras, use 011 + 504 + the local number in Honduras (an 8-digit number, generally starting with a "2").

What is the zip code of Tegucigalpa Honduras centro America?


Area from central mexico to northern honduras?


Is the country of Mexico bigger than the country of Honduras?

Yes. Mexico has an area of 1.96 million square kilometers (758449 sq mi) while Honduras has an area of 112492 square kilometers (43433 sq mi). 17 countries the size of Honduras would fit inside the area of Mexico.

What is a country or area beginning with the letter H?


What is the telephone area code for Atlantida Honduras?

Honduras is country code +504. Honduras does not have area codes. The subscriber number is generally 8 further digits.(The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use different prefixes.)

What currency is used in Honduras?

The official currency of Honduras is the lempira (official ISO 4217 code: HNL). Each lempira is divided into 100 centavos.

Where does the area code 258 serve?

The area code "258" is currently an unassigned area code. The closest area code to area code "258", is area code "260", which is assigned to the state of Indiana.

What is the area code for Wilshire CaArea code 213?

The area code for area code 213 is most probably area code 213.

Where is area code 71?

No such area code in North America (USA, Canada, etc.). No such area code in Mexico. No such area code in the UK. No such area code in Australia. No such area code in New Zealand. No such international number.

What is the size ofhonduras in km?

Honduras' area is 112,490 square kilometers.

What is the ZIP code for 832 area code?

The area code (832) is for the state of Texas. Within that area code there are 44 cities. You cannot determine a zip code by area code.

Does the Atlantic ocean border Honduras?

No, Honduras is bordered by the Caribbean sea. On the other side it has a small area of contact with the Pacific ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca.

Does san Pedro sula Honduras have a postal code?

Yes, I think it's 4023.

What is the area code for Bartow?

Bartow, Florida, is in area code 863. Bartow, Georgia, is in area code 478.Barstow, California, is in area code 760 and overlay code 442.

What is the travel time from area code 513 to area code 740?

It depends greatly on where in area code 740 (southeast Ohio) and somewhat on where in area code 513 (Cincinnati area).

What is the area code for Omaha Nebraska?

Omaha is in area code 402, with overlay area code 531.

What is the area code for Portland Oregon?

Portland has area code 503 and overlay area code 971.

Where is area code 0207 580?

In the UK, area code 020 is London. There is no area code 0207.