What is the armenian population?

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What is Armenian Oblast's population?

Armenian Oblast's population is 164,500.

What is the population of Armenian Datacom Company?

The population of Armenian Datacom Company is 50.

What is Armenian Evangelical Church's population?

The population of Armenian Evangelical Church is 100,000.

What is Armenian Catholic Church's population?

The population of Armenian Catholic Church is 700,800.

What is Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople's population?

The population of Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople is 65,000.

What is Armenian Apostolic Church's population?

Armenian Apostolic Church's population is 9,000,000.

What was the population of Armenians before the Armenian genocide?

A lot

How did the Armenian Genocide affect the country?

During the Armenian genocide nearly 75% of the Armenian population was murdered and thus it affected negatively on the population's growth,and led to a step back in the Armenian culture, economy, and they had a hard time to rebuild the counrty.

When did the Armenian Genocide take place?

The Armenian Genocide took place in 1915 till 1923 in the Ottoman Empire. According to different sources the genocide had a death toll of 600.000 to 1.800.000 people in the Armenian population.

You speak Armenian in Armenian letters?

We write Armenian in Armenian letters.

Where did the Armenian genocide take place?

That took place in Turkey.The Armenian Genocide took place in Armenia and around Southeastern Europe killing over 60% of the Armenian population.

Is Armenia predominately Christian?

yep. most of Armenia is Christian population. I'm Christian Armenian!

Is Miranda Cosgrove Armenian?

Yes, she is. Cosgrove is an Armenian word and its her father's last name, so her dad is Armenian, and she is half Armenian or quarter Armenian.

Where are the Armenian mountains?

The Armenian mountains were is old Armenian but now they are occupied by Turkey.

How do you say bottle in Armenian?

Bottle in Armenian in Armenian is called and pronounced as: Sheessh.

What is Kim Kardashian nationality?

She is 50% Armenian,her father is Armenian,Her mother is Schottis,Dutch,Irish and German,but she said that she is Armenian,and I'm agree with her,She is Armenian

Were thousands of Armenians murdered in turkey in 1915?

The Armenian Genocide started in 1915. It was systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) during and just afte WW1. The genocide ended in 1923.

How is the Armenian Genocide significant?

The Armenian Genocide is significant because, first of all, it was the first Genocide of the 20th century. Second, the Ottoman empire has nearly destroyed 70% of the Armenian population. Third, it was a mass massacre toward humanity due to the brutality and monstrosity they used to kill the Armenian people. And finally, they used the Armenians religion Christianity as a major cause to kill them.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Armenian and the Armenian - 2010?

The cast of The Armenian and the Armenian - 2010 includes: Armen Karaoghlanian Mary Nazaryan

What has the author Adour H Yacoubian written?

Adour H. Yacoubian has written: 'English-Armenian and Armenian-English dictionary romanized' -- subject(s): Armenian, Armenian language, Dictionaries, English, English language 'English-Armenian and Armenian-English concise dictionary' -- subject(s): Armenian, Armenian language, Dictionaries, English, English language

Can a Armenian marry a non Armenian?

of course they can.

Who were the victims in the Armenian Massacre?

The Armenian people.

How do you say Armenian American in Armenian?


Who was affected in the Armenian genocide?

Armenian people

How many letters the Armenian alphabet have?

I am Armenian so I know there is 38 letters in the Armenian alphabet.