What is the asumption of motivation Theory X and Theory Y?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the asumption of motivation Theory X and Theory Y?
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Who developed y theory of motivation?

In his 1960 book "The Human Side of Enterprise", Douglas Mcgregor proposed two theories by which to view employee motivation. those two theories r: theory X n theory Y.

What are similarities between the motivational theories mcgregor's theory x and theory y herzberg's kita motivation mcclelland's achievement affiliation power motivation and the mbti personal style?

no answer

What is the different between theory X and theory Y?

x= people are lazy and must be motivated and closely supervised Y= people want to do a good job, try to avoid doing things thad kill that motivation. A theory X manager with theory Y subordinates will soon beat the motivation out of them, thus proving to himself that he was right all along. A theory Y manager will eventually figure out that a theory X subordinate thinks all people are lazy because that subordinate is lazy himself. Thus, teams are best structured with all X of all Y types. The Y teams will consistently outperform the X teams.

McGregors theory x and theory y of motivation?

The McGregor's theory x implies that workers need close supervision because they are not self motivated by nature. The theory y implies that there is no need for close supervision because employees can generally motivate themselves to meet targets.

Compare the assumptions Theory X makes about workers with those of Theory Y How do these different assumptions influence management styles?

The assumption that Theory X and Theory Y about workers influences management styles. The assumptions of these two theories differ from employee motivation as well as satisfying employees' needs.

4 Discuss the assumption of Douglas Mc Gregor Theory X and Theory Y?

x assumes employees are unmotivated etc and have to be handled with severity like prison inmates Y assumes employees want to be productive, helpful and creative and can be managed to maximize these efforts. A theory X manager will soon beat the motivation out of a theory Y worker, thus proving to himself that X was right all along. A theory Y manager will eventually figure out that a theory X worker believes people are unmotivated because the worker himself is unmotivated. Thus, it is better for work teams to be all X or all Y. Given that, the Y teams will out produce the X teams.

What is theory X theory Y?

Theory X Y is theories that help managers to better understand the behaviors of the employees.

Distinguish between mc gregor's theory x and theory y?

Theory X is the traditional theory of human behavior. According to this theory, workers are inherently lazy, passive and unambitious. Therefore there is a need for control and direction over workers. People at work are to follow the directives of the management and cannot suggest what they think to be correct. Theory Y represents democratic approach. Theory Y indicates the individual and organisation both and highlights the need for improving and utilising inner motivation.

Discuss the contribution of Douglas Magregor to the development of management theory?

Douglas MacGregor developed the XY theory, based on human motivation. X pertains to authoritive personality, while Y addresses participative management.

Distinguish between McGregor's Theoy X and Theoy Y of motivation?


What is the dimensional formula of theory of relativity?

I*I = x*x + y*y + z*z - t*t

What are the examples of Theory X in management?

example of theory X is the toyota company example of theory Y is Google company Ashraf