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Somewhere between 1 day and 5 yrs. I'm not being evasive, it depends on a lot of factors and attitudes of human beings.

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Q: What is the average amount of time it takes for them to look for your vehicle after the account has been closed?
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Why a lot of air can be contained in a vehicle?

A lot of air can be contained in a vehicle because the vehicle has a large amount of interior space. The vehicle also is somewhat air tight when closed.

Why is my checking account showing a large negative balance?

It will be closed do not owe that amount

What is dwell angle in distributor?

30 degrees Dwell angle varies from vehicle to vehicle. The dwell angle is the amount of degrees the points are closed

What does Account closed by consumer mean?

The wording "Account closed by consumer" means that "you", and not the lender, closed the account. It usually indicates that there was no problem on "your" behalf with the account.

How many people closed there youtube?

The amount of users who closed their accounts is not released. Account closures are usually for private reasons, and thus, are kept secret.

Can you deposit a personal check into a bank account that is closed?

No, the account is closed.

What is a current bank account?

an opened account with the mim amount of money in it meaning you havne't closed the bank account and can use or add money to write checks, debts ect

Because my account was overdrawn I have got a letter from BofA Your account has been closed they deposited the amount overdrawn now my ending balance is 0.00 do I have to pay them back?


How do you balance sales return account?

Sales returns account are balanced and closed against actual sales for the amount of sales returned by the customers due to any reason.

Can i delete my videos On YouTube after i closed my account?

If you closed your account, then your videos won't even be on youtube anymore. i closed it today .. and i was shocked to see my videos still on .. !! even my friend .. closed his account and the videos are still On !!

When was Closed on Account of Rabies created?

Closed on Account of Rabies was created on 1997-12-09.

What happens if the bank closes your acct down can you go to jail for that?

It depends on why the bank closed your account.No If:The bank closed your account because you did not use the account for the past few months orThe bank closed your account because you did not maintain minimum balance requirements orYes If:a. The bank closed your account because the account was involved in suspicious activities like money launderingb. The bank closed your account because links to known terrorists or drug dealers were found from your bank accountc. The bank closed your account because you issued checks to people without maintaining sufficient balance in your bank account

Can a bank keep a direct deposit if account is closed?

No, they have to send it back to where it came from...that is, unless the closed account was negative.

If your bank account says EFT Charged Off does this mean that the account is closed?

If an account is charged off it is automatically closed. It is listed as uncollectable debt.

Should you re-open a previously closed credit card account?

No. If the account has been closed, you would need to re-apply if you wanted an account.

Am I responsible for credit card debt or tax debt on death of spouse?

The estate of the spouse is responsible. IF both are on the same checking account then the FULL amount of that checking account can be considered the spouses estate too. Even if the account is closed just prior or just after death, then the amount in the account months prior is still considered a portion of the estate.

Is it illegal to write a check on a closed account?

It is definitely illegal to write a check on an account that you know is closed. This can put you in prison.

What actors and actresses appeared in Account Closed - 1955?

The cast of Account Closed - 1955 includes: Dennis Price

How can you access bank account if closed?

You cannot access a closed bank account. Only the bank and the law enforcement authorities of a country have access to closed bank accounts.

Which account would be closed by posting a debit to the account?

The closing process seeks to reduce the balance of each account that needs to be closed to zero; therefore, the closing entry must reverse whatever balance the account already has. This means that any (temporary) account that normally has a credit balance will be closed by posting a debit (and vice-versa). Revenue is an example of an account that must be closed with a debit, since it is normally a credit account.

Is it a felony to write a check on a closed account in Ohio?

Fraud is certainly a crime. If you do so fraudulently, it might be a felony (whether it is or not may depend on the amount of the check). If you do so accidentally (the account was closed and you didn't know about it at the time; maybe it was a joint account and your spouse closed it without telling you, or maybe the bank closed it for some inscrutable reason of their own) it's embarrassing, but probably not an actual crime as long as you make the check good as soon as you discover your error.

Should you keep statements from closed bank account?

We usually don't need to keep statements from a closed bank account because, once an account is closed, no transactions can be done on it. So even if someone wants to impersonate you, they cannot use the account that you just closed. But it is always a good habit to keep atleast one or two statements of the account that you just closed in order to utilize for future reference purposes for yourself.

How can a g-mail account be closed?

Yes, a Gmail account can be closed. It can be done as a permanent activity. The settings on the top of page provide the popup to delete the account.

How to delete an Home Depot account?

A Home Depot account can be closed by calling customer service. Your account can also be closed by going to the Home Depot website.

Can you reopen a bank account that's been closed?

No. Once a bank account is closed, the account number remains unused by the bank for seven or more years (it varies by individual bank). You may reopen a new account with the same bank, provided the first account was not closed by the bank for improprieties perpetrated by you.