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There is no average, you will need to contact an agent for a quote there are too many variables in rating.

i recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from ifferent companies:


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I am 25 and searching for auto insurance. I have a pretty much perfect record, no tickets, no accidents... etc. I cant find anything less that 150/month.

The answer should be blatantly obvious: NONE! In fact, that age your rates should be quite low even if you opt for full coverage. Remember, tickets and accidents are what raise your insurance.

The cost of insurance for males or females is the same. The only thing that will make your insurance more expensive is your driving experience and any pre-existing tickets you may have.

It depends where you live in the country, and your driving record. For an 18 y/o female with no accidents living in a small town, it might be as low as $500 (with no comprehensive insurance). Living in Boston at 18, no accidents on my record, my '89 Skylark cost $889/year to insure, with just collision & liability.

If your State Farm policy expires next month then you should quickly update it or find a new one. Being a female you will naturally get a better rate for car insurance at any car insurance company. This is based on the safer driving habits and lower rate of accidents women have.

The average cost of car insurance for a 22 year old female is $50. However, the exact amount for each individual will be affected by various factors including the person's driving and accident history.

This question is rather unspecific so it will be assumed that 'female insurance' refers to car insurance. Most insurance companies offer car insurance for female drivers and some even cater specifically to female drivers.

Men are better.Added:However men have a 77% higher chance of being in a car accident.In 2008,26,616 male drivers died in car accidents while 10,631 female drivers died in car accidents.This is NHTSA stats, other years have a similar rate for males vs. female driver fatalities.This is why insurance rates for female drivers is lower.

There are far too many factors in computing insurance rates to answer a question like this on a forum. You only gave that the person is a 60 year old female. Is she married; does her spouse drive; does she have any tickets in the last 5 years; has she had any accidents or claims in the last 5 years; what state does she live in; what is her zip code where she lives; what kind of car does she have; does she have any other vehicles; what liability limits and uninsured motorists coverage does she want; does she want physical damage coverage on her car; what deductible; what is her credit score; does she drive to work; how far is to her work; are there any other drivers in the household;etc. You see there are way too many factors to compute a rate for insurance.

According to statistics male drivers causes twice as many accidents as female drivers.

The average cost for car insurance will be around 100 dollars a month in Toronto. The price can vary depending upon policy and factors like good grades.

there is no one answer for this. the best I can suggest is to get quotes from insurance agencies who will ask where you live if your male/female any prior accidents etc. then go with the least expensive you can find.

The average cost for car insurance is around 75 dollars a month. This can vary depending on discounts for good grades and amount of policy as well as other factors.

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It depends on your car, driving record and amount of coverage you get.

The average weight of a female Borzoi is 75 pounds.

The cheapest car insurance that offer great coverage for female drivers is Geico. Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance and they are right about that.

Health insurance can be found for a woman at a good price online and for a woman that is single and female there are benefits for a woman that is single and independent.

A young female living in Seattle can get cheap car insurance at any of the large chain insurance retailers such as companies such Progressive, Allstate, and State Farm.

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No, there are not many companies like Diamond insurance that focus their business on female clients. Diamond Insurance is a very unique company with very unique priorities.

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There are many options for cheap car insurance for a female these days. It doesn't matter too much whether you are male or female. The names of some of these companies are eSurance, Progressive, and AAA.

64 years old is the average American female life span.

5 feet 5 inches is the height of the average American female.

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