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What is the average height of children across the world?

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September 13, 2011 6:40PM

Well, it really depends on what age you're specifically talking about. But, i could tell you that a "typical" American man is 5'11" tall. The normal range is 5'7"-6'3". Japanese/Chinese men average around 5'8", with a norm of 5'4"-6'0". Most Vietnamese/Thai men average at 5'6"-5'7", with a norm of 5'2" to 6'0". Men in England and France average at the same as Americans. In fact, most of Europe does. But, the Dutch average at 6'1", and the Dineric alps at 6'2", the tallest in the world, with a range of 5'9"-6'6". Africans are roughly the same as Americans. What i could also tell you is that most male children are done growing between 15-19 yrs. Most guys hit their growth spurt at 12-14, which would mean that American children would average at 5'4" at that time (male). With 2-3 year olds, they would be approximately half their adult height. From 4-12, kids gain a steady 2.5" a year. So, technically, using that a 12 year old boy is 5'2" (American), just vary that by 3-4" either way, depending on where you're going. Then, just subtract 2.5" a year until four years of age for averages for each country by age. Remember, though, vary it by country. For adolescents, after 12, you grow two inches to become 5'4" at 13 yrs of age. At your growth spurt, you grow to 5'8". After 14, you grow another 2" to 15 to become 5'10". Then, you will grow 1 last inch to get to 5'11". Remember, to vary, and, remember, these are only averages for male children only. If you're looking about females, i don't know much about it, but i can at least say that girls mature earlier, and would be their full adult height by age 14-15, usually at 5'3"-5'8". Hope this helped!