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Answerdepending where you work at a medical assistant generally makes an adverage of $28,000 a year. AnswerThe median expected salary for a typical Medical Assistant in the United States is $28,138.
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Q: What is the average income for medical assistants?
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What is the average income for specialized medical assistants?

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What is the hourly pay rate for Medical Assistants in Oklahoma?

The average hourly pay rate for Medical Assistants in Oklahoma will vary. It will depend on their experience and where they work. It is an average of $14.12 per hour.

What are the statistics of medical assistants and billers needed in the medical field?

salary for medical assistants

How much money does a medical assistant make in Indiana?

In the United States, the average annual income for a medical assistant is $38,000. The average annual income for a medical assistant in Indiana is $36,000.

How much money does a medical assistant make in Nh?

In New Hampshire, the average annual income for a medical assistant is $37,000. The average annual income for a medical assistant in South Dakota is $29,000.

What are the average salaries for medical assistants?

Medical assistants are in high demand in this economy and as such their salaries are high as well. In the state of California, review of job classifieds reveals ranges of $35000 to $60000 per year.

Who can income average?

In Australia income averaging can be used by people in the following occupations: Inventors, Performers, Production Assistants, Writers, Authors, Composers and sportspersons.

Can medical assistants direct patient care?

Medical assistants can direct patient care in the absence of the medical heads or when directed, after all they deputize medical heads.

What has the author Mary L Hayward written?

Mary L. Hayward has written: 'Medical science for medical assistants' -- subject(s): Medicine, Diseases, Medical assistants, Physicians' assistants

What is does a medical assistant do?

Medical assistants work performing a number of wide ranging duties that are involving interaction with patients. Some of a medical assistants duties include taking patients' history, vital signs and scheduling patient appointments. Experienced medical assistants may also be allowed to prepare blood for laboratory tests, give injections and assist physicians with examinations.Additionally medical assistants can specialize and work in a number of settings like:Administrative medical assistantsClinical medical assistantsOphthalmic medical assistantsPodiatric medical assistants

How much money do medical assistants earn?

Medical assistants can earn anywhere between $20k and $36k, depending on their experience level, industry, and region of employment. Government-employed medical assistants earn the most ($36,430/year average), and those employed by insurance agencies ($35,470). Many of these places employ medical assistants for their medical education with regard to paperwork and documents. The highest paying states are Alaska ($33,500), Massachusetts ($32,900) and Connecticut ($32,600). The lowest paying states are West Virginia ($21,780), Louisiana ($22,640) and Wyoming ($23,520).

What has the author Sharron M Zakus written?

Sharron M. Zakus has written: 'Mosby's fundamentals of medical assisting' -- subject(s): Medical assistants, Physicians' assistants 'Clinical skills and assisting techniques for the medical assistant' -- subject(s): Clinical medicine, Medical assistants, Physicians' assistants

How much does a Certified Medical Assistant job pay?

The average gross pay for non-certified medical assistants is $26,568. This will vary from place to place but it is the average across the country.Good luck with your career choice.

What does a medical assistant do anyways?

Medical assistants perform a variety of tasks that are administrative and clinical. Medical assistants help keep offices running and provide much of the labor.

What has the author Mary Ann Woods written?

Mary Ann Woods has written: 'Clinical Medical Assistant' -- subject(s): Medical assistants, Physicians' assistants, Physician Assistants

Who certifies medical assistants?


Can medical assistants write prescriptions?


Why shouldn't medical assistants wear strong perfumes while at work?

why should medical assistants not wear strong smelling perfumes at work.

What has the author Dorothy A Taylor written?

Dorothy A. Taylor has written: 'Medical pegboard procedures' -- subject(s): Management, Medical assistants, Medical offices, Medical records, Physician Assistants

What is the average income in Maine?

The average income of a person in Maine depends on the career. Medical careers make more than fast food careers for example.

What was the annual income for veterinary nurses from 1997- 2002?

In the United States, the average annual income for veterinary assistants was about $20,800-$24,960. Veterinary technicians were higher, averaging about $26,000-$29,000 with no specialization.

When is medical assistant's day?

Medical Assistants Day is October 22nd.

What do Medical assistants do in hospitals?

Medical assistants are trained to look after basic daily needs for hospital patients, so this would be bathing, dressing, feeding

How much money does a medical office assistant earn in Alabama?

Medical office assistants are not as well paid as those in some other states. On average, they earn about $25,000 a year.

How much does a clinical medical assistants make an hour?

it depends by state and experience. the average start pay is 15 an hour at hospitals.