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My 1993 2.8 has 154000 and still going strong. It depends on your maintenance habits. Keep the oil and oil filter changed every 3000 miles and keep carb or fuel injectors clean. Maintenance is the life of any vehicle!

I've got a 1985 Chevy S10, 2.8L V6, I bought it back in '85 and kept up on the maintenance and it still runs great! 178,000 miles. And of course you get the normal (minor) repairs as it gets older but as long as you keep it in good condition they should last quite a while!

I have a 1989 Chevy S-10 2.5L 4 cylinder which I bought when it had 45,000 miles. It now has 199,566 miles and is still running strong. I do regular minor maintenance like change oil, replace sparkplugs and/or sparkplug wires, etc. I have also repaired the brakes, alternator, and exhaust system over the years. But, I have never had a major problem with the transmission or engine. I believe with with proper maintanance, the truck can last forever.

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Q: What is the average mileage lifespan of a Chevy S10 and does its year make much of a difference in reliability?
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