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What is the average mortgage balance in the united staTES?


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According the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, the average mortgage balance in the US is $181,225. Source:


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The average United States home mortgage will depend on the location, age and size of the house. In February 2013, the average house in the United States cost $152,000. As for the actual mortgage rate, that will depend on the length and type of mortgage one gets. On average, a 30 year fixed rate would be about 4.2%.

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The state that has the lowest mortgage rates in the United States should be in the middle of the United States. Larger cities tend to have higher mortgage rates.

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The average loans APR for mortgages will depend on which country one is in and how long the mortgage is. In the United States the average is 5.016 APR for a 30 year mortgage and 3.122 APR for a 15 year mortgage.

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Massachusetts residents, on average, have very high mortgages in comparison to the rest of the United States. The average mortgage is around $220,000 making Massachusetts ranked as the sixth highest state in the nation.

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The average refinance mortgage interest rates in the United States of America are 2,75% to 3% at the moment. One can check the current rates of different banks on their websites.

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