What is the average per square foot cost for bricklaying?

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Everything depends on the state your in. 1.80 per brick avg.

Gotta add to this, even if it is specific to Georgia, as I think our costs are probably 90% of the national average, so add 10% and then adjust for your costs relative to the national average...or something like that :-)

Bricks usually cost me $225 to $450 per thousand. Modular size, which is still the most common in the past 30 years or so, require approximately 7 bricks per square surface foot, 1/2" mortar joint included.

A cube of brick, which is approximately 500 bricks. Two cubes of brick make up a thousand, so $300/thousand brick means $150/cube. If you buy less than a cube, they hit you hard on the price, so round up and besides, running short a few brick sucks.

Mortar, which for larger jobs is usually mixed on site on a 1/2 piece of plywood with cement and sand, usually runs about $100-125/thousand brick. So, total material is about $325-575 which covers 157 sf (1,000 divided by 7 brick per sf). That equates to $2-3/sf, which I find to be way more useful than a per brick price.

I would mention, that this doesn't include any metal angle iron lentels for headers over openings, weep hole material, etc. If you go with $3/sf, but use mid range price brick, it will usually cover these other incidentals, so I at least start most estimates at $3/sf for brick material.

Labor is usually $250-350/thousand for residential and $400-500/thousand for commercial, just depending on job size, job complexity, etc. I usually figure $2/sf for residential and $3/sf for commercial. This doesn't include tool use / rental which is often needed, scaffolding, or any extras, which there are a lot of in brick work. The above basic price is just straight lay brick. If you are doing columns, that's a big adjustment up, and there's a big list of extras.

As a rule, I figure $7/sf for brick when building a home, which translates to $1/brick for modular size and $9/sf for brick on a commercial project, $1.30/brick for modular size.

The by the brick pricing is really useless, as there are queen, king, and various engineered brick sizes, and it gets really wild on commercial. The per sf price however, generally works out into all the sizes, as a larger brick that only requires 5/sf will cost proportionately more.

Most of you reading this will be wanting brick on your home, so figure $7/sf. If you are hiring a builder or GC, they'll likely tack 15-20% on top of that for managing the job.

If you have a bunch of columns for a fence or such, it usually adds $100-300/column depending on size as leveling and plumbing each separate column is way more time and work than running a straight wall against your house, so be ready for the big price tag on that fence :-)
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What is the average cost per square foot to paint the exterior of a house in the Washington area?

Seems like it is around $2.50 to $2.75 a square foot. I used estimates I have received from five painters averaged them and divided the cost by 1076 square feet of exterior paintable surface. I live in South Florida and we had the exterior of our house painted for around $1300. The house is 2200 ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot to renovate a building?

Answer . Impossible to answer. What kind of building in what condition? What type or amount of remodeling is wanted or required. Location of building. What if anything needs to be done to bring up to code. Plumbing, wiring, access, roof, and a hundred other things that are all variables.

What is the average home remodeling cost per square foot?

\n. \nIt would be quite difficult to answer if you're just renovating exsting space (and not adding any square footage) because it depends exactly what you're planning to do. By renovation, do you mean building an addition of a certain amount of square footage to an existing home? Perhaps someone c ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot for a mall lease?

According to SIMON, the average $/SF for their entire inventory of malls is $38.81. If you want to find avg $/SF for the other mall managers and developers, their annual reports and quarterly reports are a good place to start.. Good Luck!

What is the average cost per square foot for carpet?

WikiAnswers Responses: There is no one price, & no one quality, could be junk for about a buck or premium stuff for $6-10 or more a foot. Here's a good rule of thumb, assuming you shop for value and don't over pay. Expect 5 years of good service for every $1 you spend on carpet, (not pad or labor) ( Full Answer )

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It depends on the type of roof. A single story low pitch asphalt shingle roof will cost around $40 - $80 per square (100 sq. ft.) to tear off and $75 - $100 per square to install new shingles. If the plywood sheathing underneath is damaged, it will cost extra, up to $50 per sheet replaced. Some cont ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot for Tennessee?

I assume that you mean homes and not the actual state. I don't know what type of home you are looking for or if you mean overall average. I'd do a bunch of research but you can do this one for yourself. Look at the prices of homes that you are interested in. Take the price of the home, ($100,000) an ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot for hardwood flooring?

There are a lot of factors that influence the cost of wood. Board widths, squared or beveled edges, grade of wood, etc.. Oak will average of $4.50.. Maple/Ash/Beech average $6.. Jatoba/Brazilian Cherry around $6 as well but for the higher qualities are around $9.. More exotic species will be aro ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot for building a church?

Tough question, as prices vary greatly from market to market. NYC could be over $400 / ft. but in the south it could be as low as $100 / ft. I would suggest looking at the homes surrounding the proposed church (new construction only). Add about %20 to that number and you should be very close. Michau ( Full Answer )

Average cost per square foot for a 2500 square feet?

This web page has a free construction cost per square foot selector for any state in the continental US at www.home-cost.com/construction-cost-per-sf.html Just enter the zip code or pick the state and the site tells you the average new construction cost per square foot and the average new home siz ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot?

The average cost per square foot for flooring varies greatly basedon the material. Basic vinyl tiles can be had for under $1 persquare foot while marble can cost upwards of $20.

What is the average cost of warehouse space per square foot cost in new jersey?

After a (very) brief google search, I returned this Craig's List page, which advertises a number of warehouses for rent: http://newyork.craigslist.org/jsy/off/ The average price seems to be about $5/ Square foot for the warehouses listed, which all fall between 25,000 and 92,000 square feet. A ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of property per square foot in London?

\nAVERAGE IN ONDON IS 1200EU/SQUARE FOOT\nIN nEWYOUR ONLY 1000EU/SQUARE FOOT\nTOKYO IS 9OOEU\nHONG KONG 700EU\nMaximum super-prime prices are, of course, much higher, with only Monte Carlo, at £2,800 a square foot, coming close to London prices.http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_styl ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot for blown in insulation?

I was just quoted 800 dollars for 1600 SQ FT under air for R30 or better. So, 50 cents per foot. Electrical company in my area, florida, offers a $100 rebate for this R value so it knocks the price down to just over 43 cents per foot.

What is the Average cost per square foot of pouring concrete?

There are many variables to this answer.. What is the cost of forming and pouring? The labor cost of finishing as well as screeding. What is the cost of the product? Are there any other added costs? (this could include anything from pumping to fiber strands for strength) What slope would you have t ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot to brick a home?

\nThat depends on where you are building, who is doing the building, the amount of add-ons (the fanciness of things such as cabinets, plumbing fixtures, flooring etc.) If you already own your land, then it can be done for as low as $80-$85 per square foot. If you do not own your own land, then you ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot for a paver patio?

Per sq ft costs:. DIY - $3-4 dollars - Professional Install - $5-6 dollars for Walkway Patio - light traffic. DIY- $4-5 dollars - Professional Install - $6-10$ dollars for Driveway - medium traffic. extra base and existing materials removal are extra; also eatra curves or patterns may cost extra

What is the average cost of steel per square foot?

Steel is most usually sold by weight, for that is how the manufacturer sees it. Both reinforcing steel, and sheet steel. The retailer (may) convert this into a price per sheet etc. But to answer your question, you need to know how thick the steel is, and also in what quantities.

What is the average cost for the installation of wallpaper per square foot?

That depends on the wallpaper . I s it designed by an artist? Is it metallic? What is its quality? Is it produced by a renowned company with a lot of prestige? Doe it have special features? All these questions will play a part in determining the price you will pay and there is no limit to how much p ( Full Answer )

What is the average construction cost per square foot in India?

mostly cost /sft differ as per city and area and availability of building material but in average it is about Rs 600/sft in semi urban areas and 600-800 in b class cities and in metros it rises to 800-1200/sft hope it will satisfied u thanks ar. rajiv mahajan

Average cost per square foot for marble flooring?

I read in flooring sites that they can average from 4 to about 8 dollars per square foot. But you also have to factor in the material costs for instalation (adhesives, sealers, etc..), labor for instalation, maintenance of the floors over the years and extra costs if the sub floor needs to be leve ( Full Answer )

What is the national average Commercial remodeling cost per square foot?

It totally depends on the extent of the remodel...for a complete gut to finish remodel you are looking at about $100 per square foot for a bathroom set, which includes plumbing and electrical being remodeled and/ or added. Partitions are expensive and the labor is moderately extensive depending on w ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of installation of random slate per square foot?

Fees & charges change from town to town, region to region, the best ways I can suggest to find a good range is : Run a short ad in Craigslist, that will likely get you someone hungry & maybe unlicensed so you will know the cheapest price. Then call the local Home Depot or Lowes & ask what they ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost per square foot to install VCT tile?

$3 dollars per square foot labor $1 dollars average material cost per square foot Add for hourly labor costs for sub floor prep work $4 - $5 dollars average cost for labor and materials 20% - 40% average profit margin, varies with workforce wages

What is the average cost per square foot for wood tiles?

How much a foot Mark Twain said that "One foot on fire & one foot on ice & on AVERAGE your pretty comfortable" I share his view that average is a pretty illusionary tool when it comes to being really useful. There is no one price, & no one quality, could be junk for about a buck a sq ft or premium ( Full Answer )

What is Average cost per square foot to build a deck?

Of coarse it depends on your location. Here in North Eastern PA The average is $16-$20 per square foot, depending on the county, township, or city you are in. It costs roughly $11-$13 for the materials and contractors average about $5-$8 per square foot for labor, not including steps. For example, m ( Full Answer )

What is average cost per square foot to build a house in Cincinnati Ohio?

i have been looking around and you should expect to pay anywhere from 90-140 per sq foot just for the house.... no property and then a median of 55k on the property. 120-140 should be very nice grade inside including granite etc and 100-120 should be builder grade which is still nice quality stuff a ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost for drywall per square foot?

On Average the cost to install drywall in most major cities isroughly 3.00 per sqft. Of course this depends on the size of job. Asimple way to cost out the price of a drywall job is to basicallyfigure out how many sheets is required and base it per sheetcomplete at a cost of 100. that includes tapin ( Full Answer )