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Q: What is the average person's monthly internet usage in GB?
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Does connecting the internet to a Wii console and playing online games on the wii use up my monthly internet usage?

If there is a monthly limit on the Internet connection that you are connection your wii to it uses from your monthly limit.

where can i get unlimeted internet usage for one monthly price in zipcode 36272 in a rural aera?

where can i get unlimited internet service in a rural aera zipcode 36272 for a monthly price

Do internet bills show what you've been on?

No, Internet bills will not show what websites that you have visited during the month. Internet bills only show the monthly usage.

Write disadvantages of internet?

internet causes unhealth and canot eat buiscuits you can be anti sociable and some sites have bad content and some sites steal your monthly usage

Does the blackberry bold have free internet?

Blackberry phones require a data package that includes internet usage, email, etc. The data package usually adds about $30 to a monthly phone bill.

Monthly usage 20GB from internet provider.How many 45 min tv programmes could you watch if each program is 500MB?

40 programs

What is the average time Americans spend on cell phones yearly?

Average monthly usage is around 459 minutes. Multiply that by 12 and you get 5,508 minutes, or about 91.8 hours.

What is an average water bill?

It completely depends on a persons average water usage per week, month or year, depending on annually they choose to pay their bills.

If your monthly internet usage allowance is 40Gb what does this mean?

This means that in one month you are limited to forty (40) Gigabits (or Gigabytes if it's uppercase- GB) of traffic.

Does the Internet you use on dsi come on your home Internet bill?

The DSi connects to your router, the same one your computer will be using, more than likely. Any internet usage on the DSi will therefore be coming from your home internet service. This does not mean an additional charge though - as many devices as you want can connect to and use your router. The only thing to consider is if your service has a monthly usage allowance.

What is a good average price for a gym membership?

The average monthly cost for a gym membership is fifty five dollars. This includes the usage of various cardio as well as weightlifting machines and dumbbells.

What is the average monthly sewer bill in Hawaii?

The average monthly sewer bill in Hawaii is around $40 to $100, depending on the location and water usage of the household. Prices may vary based on the county and specific utility provider.