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What is the average size of second and third bedrooms?

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20 per cent

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What is the average shoe size for a third grader?

The average shoe size for a third grader is a size of 1-2 or for a bigger kid maybe 3-4.

What is the average size of a apartment room?

The average size of an apartment room is 12 feet by 12 feet. Apartments come in different sizes of studio, one, two and three bedrooms.

What is the average brain size of a chimpanzee?

It is one-third the size of a human brain.

What is the size of average family where you are from?

I was the third of ten children.

Average size of a small bedroom?

Bedrooms are as small as 8x8. The rooms could be 8x18, 12x12 or an possible combination in custom homes.

What does it mean when your second and third toe is the same size?

Nothing beyond the obvious.

What average size is a third stage colon cancer?

make a fist with your hand

Average size of a bedroom?

Bedrooms can be built in various sizes. From 8x8 to a single room taking an entire floor of the home, the bedroom is one of the most customized rooms in a home.

How many bedroomS are there on a cruise ship?

there may be various amounts depending on the size

What is the first thing you look for when you buy a house?

Location, size, price, bedrooms?

How much does a typical house in India cost?

A typical house in India usually costs about 60,000 pounds. This will get you a average house with 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a medium size kitchen.

What is the minimum bedroom size for a mother and daughter with section 8 housing?

Two bedrooms

How much is the average rent for an apartment in Los Angeles?

There is some variation in average rents depending on size of apartment (number of bedrooms) and location. However, one bedroom apartments are currently averaging between $1639 and $2509 per month.

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Average size of a Slovak home?

In capital Bratislava and in large cities:Regular Family: 3 bedrooms flat with 70 sqm or 4 bedrooms family house with 120 sqm and smaller plots from 250 to 800 sqm.Singles: 1-2 bedrooms flat from 30 sqm to 50 sqm.In villages:Family houses from 120 to 250 sqm and large plots from 1000 to 2000 sqm.

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Is Canada the third largest country in the world?

Size as the standard, the United States. Canada is second and Russia is first

What size is bedrooms in a two bedroom house?

small, because my grandma lives in a 2 bedroom house.

How big are standard rental apartments?

A standard rental apartment can vary in size and often depends on the number of bedrooms available. Standard rental apartments usually come with one, two or three bedrooms.

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