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What is the average weight one arm can lift?

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That varies extremely on the age, sex, and build of a person. Also, what do you mean by lift; curl, dead lift, bench?

It really all depends on the age because your muscles are not fully developed until you are eighteen years old.

in my opinion a strong six teen year old should be able to lift about 15-17Kg more than once were as a man who works out or is strong can probably lift over 20Kg

bare in mind that this is heavily using the bicep and lightly using the shoulder


The average wight a teen can lift is probably about 5-10Kg more than once

The average wight for a man is probably about 10-18Kg

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How do you lift an elephant with one arm?

First I have to find an elephant with one arm.

What is the average weight a hippo can lift?

Hippos do not do that sort of thing, they are not domesticated. They are one of the most dangerous mammals in the world

What is the legal weight one can be asked to lift?

There are no laws requiring anyone to lift weights.

What is the strongest weight lift by a 8th grader?

not one

What is the average height and weight for a one year old girl?

what is the average height and weight for a one year old girl/ what is the average height and weight for a one year old girl/

Is weight one of the four forces to make an airplane fly?

Yes, weight opposes lift and is one of the four forces

What is the acerage human arm to body ratio?

The average human body height to arm span ratio is approximately one to one. The arm to body ratio in a human is two to one.

How can one upgrade a van to be able to lift wheelchairs?

One option is on the side of the van in the passenger doors. The other option is at the back of the van through the cargo doors. Second, there are two different types of wheelchair lifts depending on your needs. Single arm lifts take up less room, but have a smaller weight capacity at 600 pounds. Double arm lifts completely block the side passenger doors, but can lift more weight at 800 pounds. The third decision to make before purchasing is how you want the wheelchair lift to be installed on your van. The lift can be installed inside or underneath your van. Mounted inside the lift takes up space, but it will be easier to repair. Underneath the van, the lift takes up no space inside, but is slightly more difficult to repair.

How many times its weight can a Chimpanzee lift?

Not much because their feet are not designed for bearing such large amounts of weight. Their arms are quite powerful, though. An experiment in 1926 found that one captive male was able to single-arm pull nearly 900 pounds.

How much weight can one person lift by themselves according to OSHA guidelines?

OSHA does not have guidelines on how much weight one person can lift. However the lifting guidelines from NIOSH suggest a maximum of about 40 pounds.

Is more force is usually required to pull an object than to lift it?

To pull an object we have to apply a force against the force of friction. Force of friction depends on the weight of the body and the coefficient of friction. But to lift the same object we apply a force equal to its weight. Hence force to pull = mu* weight Force to lift = weight Hence force to pull / force to lift = mu If mu is greater than one, then force to pull will be greater than that to lift. If mu is less than one, definitely the force to lift will be greater than that to pull.

How much weight should a 12 yr old boy lift with one arm?

Hmm well lets see at my age of 14 I can about lift a 20 25 Pound dumbbell with a single arm then again I am no body builder so Im guessing maybe if you worked out a bit a few push-ups here and there probably a 15 or 20 pound dumbbell but just a guess

Weight of a grenade?

The average weight of a pineapple grenade is approximately one pound. The average weight of a modern grenade is 14 ounces

If you are Thirteen and you lift 8 pound dumbbells how many lifts should you do in a set in one arm?

you should be able to do 8 to 10 reps and when you can do it 8 to 10 times you need to add weight to your bar if you want to gain muscle.

When you lift one foot when standing on a scale does your weight change?

Please explain why it would.

Which lever has the largest mechanical advantage?

the one with the fulcrum closer to the weight you needed to lift

Where optical coupler is used?

optical cpupler is used is generally used in 3 instrument 1. optical switches 2. optical weight measurement instrument 3.optical temperature senses my minor project is optical weight measurement device. how we measure weight ? in optical couple r two arm one use as reference arm and another one is experimental arm. we put any weight on experimental arm than light intensity decrease by variation of this intensity we can measure weight.

What is average weight for fifty one year old male?

The average weight of a fifty one year old male is 210 lbs

What the average arm span for 9 years boy?

4 feet from both arms 2 feet for one arm

What is the average weight and height for a 1 year old?

average height for a one year old girl is 32 inches average weight for a one year old girl is 24.75 lb average height for a one year old boy is 33.75 inches average weight for a one year old boy is 27 lb

How many minutes does it take a Boeing 747 to lift off?

About one minute from brake release to lift off at maximum take off weight.

Six boys each weight 48 kilograms. What is their average weight?

Shirley...! If they all weigh the same their average is the weight of any one of them...

Are there any real flying creatures that a human could ride on while it was in flight?

No, there isn't. The flying animal with the highest weight-carrying capacity is the bald eagle, which can lift an object weighing 10lbs on average. Considering an average human weighs 150lbs, it's impossible for an eagle to lift one, let alone carry one on its back. Maybe one could possibly carry a newborn baby away though, but that is not riding it as such.

What would 1 kilogram weigh on the moon?

It's mass would be one kilogram on the moon, but It would weight about 1/6 of one kilogram.Answer:Mass and weight are not interchangeable - mass is always constant but weight varies as the local gravitational force. As a result on a equal arm balance the "weight"of a a one kilogram object would be the same as the total weight put on the other arm (which total one kilogram). On a spring balance however, where the spring is compressed or stretched by the action of gravity on the one kilogram mass to indicate "weight", the "weight" on the moon would be about 1/6 of the weight on Earth.

Can you lift a one pound weight with a ping pong ball?

Depends how hard the ping pong ball is.

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