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The average potato yield per hectare is 14-19 tonnes per hectare. The variety of potato and climate can have an effect on yield.

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Why did the soviete begin the policy of irrigation?

The Soviets constructed huge irrigation facilities to boost the land under irrigation from the Aral Sea

What has the author Luis Leopoldo Silva written?

Luis Leopoldo Silva has written: 'Runoff under sprinkler irrigation' -- subject(s): Sprinkler irrigation, Runoff, Irrigation, Management, Tailwater recovery systems 'Runoff under sprinkler irrigation' -- subject(s): Sprinkler irrigation, Runoff, Irrigation, Management, Tailwater recovery systems

Do potatoes grow in orchards?

No , potatoes grow under ground

Is it important to increase the area under irrigation why?

Yes it is important to increase area under irrigation because : 1) There is uncertainty in rain therefore irrigation facility become important . 2)Modern HYV seeds require more irrigation . 3) Other modern inputs like chemical fertilizers pesticides etc. become uneffictive if irrigation facility is not available .(Answer BY Viper4455)

How is water under the ground effected by rainfall and irrigation?

it is made by the water being reduced by the rainfall. it holds the irrigation and rain in the stems of the water.there are many things that are affected by rainfall and irrigation

How many pounds do an average potato plant produce?

Under good growing conditions you may expect to get 50lbs of potatoes for every 2lbs of potatoes planted. This will depend on care, weather and whether or not disease is present. In other terms, 6 regular and a few small potatoes per seed potato

Plants grow better under drip irrigation or overhead irrigation?

drip irrigation uses less water (up to 50% less) than overhead irrigation. fertiliser can be applied in-line as well. the exact dose of water can be delivered to the plant as and when required. less evaporation than overhead irrigation

Are potatoes grown under ground?

Potatoes are grown under the ground, yes. The "eyes" of the original potatoe are put into the soil just like you would with a seed and then they are watered as a normal plant. They grow into a leafy plant ABOVE the ground which then grows the potatoes.

What is an irrigation system?

a system of transferring water to crops using the water that is recycledAn irrigation system is an under ground system that brings more water to land.

How many carbohydrates are in a sack of potatoes?

That depends on the weight of the potatoes in the sack. For the carbohydrates in potatoes by weight, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions..

How many potatoes can grow on a tomato tree at one time?

Potatoes don't grow on tomato plants. They grow under ground.

How is water under the ground affected by rainfall and irrigation?

it is made by the salt reducing from the atmosphere

What animal eats potatoes?

Potato beetles eat potatoes. Frogs and rabbits also eat potatoes. It also depends on which part of the potato you are talking about the plant or the actual potato that is under ground.

What has the author R P Bean written?

R. P. Bean has written: 'Developing new land under irrigation' -- subject(s): Reclamation of land, Irrigation farming

Vegetables that grow under the ground?

potatoes,beets,radishes, and carrots

How many of US own Irrigated land and how many acres they own?

Today scenario that counts, www.usfarmdata.com comprises of irrigation mailing list which clearly files out the Irrigation Land and by its search under ranges, you can easily know how many irrigation acres they possess.

Are beans root vegetables?

No beans are grown on a vine in pods. Root vegetables are grown under the ground, eg beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes.

Where do pineapples and potatoes come from?

Pineapples are the fruit of a tropical plant that grows to be about 3 to 5 feet tall. Potatoes are a vegetable that grows under the ground.

How do sweet potatoes produce?

they are produced like plants are but they grow under groud

What makes a potato alive?

Potatoes are only really alive when under the ground

Can under cooked potatoes make you sick?

No. You can eat them raw as well and not get sick.

Do potatoes help get rid of bags under your eyes?

From what I've heard yes they do.

Who is current irrigation ministor of india?

that's a bit rasict isnt it? putting them under the category of soil...

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