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energy cannot be created or destroyed

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Basic principle of uv?

The basic principle is that UV light is high energy light with shorter wavelength.

What is the basic principle of tidal power?

The basic principle of tidal power is that the tides come in and out regularly and with great force. This can provide a constant source of energy if it can be harnessed efficiently.

What is the correct definition of a principle?

A principle refers to a basic truth or assumption. In biology, it means the origin where fundamental substances or energy precede.

What is the basic principle of radar communication system?

Doppler effect is the basic principle for the radar.

Explain basic principle of analog clamp meter?

basic principle of analogue clamp meter

What is the principle on which hydraulics work?

the basic principle is pressure.

What is the basic principle of wind energy conversion system?

The nature of the wind. The power in wind. Forces on the blades and thrust on turbine. Wind energy conversion.

What is the basic principle of quantum physics?

The basic principle of Quantum Physics is uncertainty. This is at the core of the Uncertainty Principle, Superposition of States, and Quantum Tunneling and Entanglement.Energy can occur only in discrete levels. This 'quantization' is determined by plank's constant6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s

What is the basic principle of belt conveyer in two words?

The basic principle of a belt conveyor is a # looped pully #

What is the basic principle of wind mill?

The basic principle behind the wind mill is that the wind as an external force changes the static force to a kinetic force(from rest to motion).This kinetic energy rotates the wind mill blades which produces electricity.

What is the fourth principle energy level?

'O' is the fourth principle energy level.

What is the principle energy level of strontium?

The outermost principle energy level for strontium is the 5th energy level.

What was a basic principle of utilitarianism?

the basic principle of Mil's utilitarianism is the greatest happiness principle: an action is right insofar as it maximizes general utility, which Mil identifies with happiness.

Is combinatorics the most principle form of mathematics?

As basic as combinatorics is, I feel that just the basic knowledge of the recognition of what a number actually is, would be more basic of a principle.

What is the basic working principle of Refrigerator?

the basic principle of the refrigerator is to freeze the water and the food items or any products for the preservation.

What does the 3 in the exuation 4p3 represent?

The principle energy level The principle energy level

What is the second principle energy level?

The second principle energy level is the energy level that comes after the first principle energy level. The second energy level is farther from the atomic nucleus and contains the 2s and 2p sublevels.

Principle of generator?

Electromagnetic induction is the principle of generator. This mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

What is the working principle of a motor?

working principle of motor is that converts electrical energy is converted in to mechanical energy

What is principle of teaching?

The basic principle is to impart knowledge. There are many theories how best to do so.

Principle and operation?

principle refers to the basic objective of something. Operation refers to how it operates.

What are the basic principles of democracy?

There is only one basic principle: rule by the people.

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