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You want the Latin America CD-- pronunciation and vocabulary are significantly different from the Spain CD.

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What is the name of the spoken language for the country of Mexico?

One of the languages spoken in Mexico is Spanish.

What languages are spoken in Cancun Mexico?

Spanish. English is widely spoken, specially close to tourist spots.Cancun is in Mexico, so the language spoken there is Spanish

What kind of Spanish is spoken in Mexico?

American Spanish SDT

What languages are spoken in Jalisco Mexico?


What languages are spoken in western Mexico?


What languages are spoken in Acapulco Mexico?


What languages are spoken in Brazil and Mexico?

The official and national language of Brazil is Portuguese.The national language of Mexico is Spanish.

What is Mexico in Mexican?

There are many languages spoken in Mexico. With Spanish being the main one: Mexico translates into Spanish as: México.

How did Spanish become spoken in México?

The Spanish invaded and conquered Mexico.

What Languages are spoken in Veracruz Mexico?

The top 2 languages spoken in Veracruz, Mexico are Spanish and the language of the Mayas

What is the most spoken language in mexico?

Spanish is spoken by nearly 90% of the population.

Why do many people speak spanish in New Mexico?

Because it borders Mexico where Spanish is primarily spoken.

What type of spanish is spoken in Madrid?

The type of Spanish spoken in Madrid is called Castilian. Castilian is the purest form of the Spanish language. It also is the spoken language in northern Spain.

Is French spoken in Mexico?

No. Most of them speak Spanish.

What languages are spoken in Sinaloa Mexico?

We Speak Spanish

How do you spell Mexico in Mexican?

There is no language called Mexican. The language spoken in Mexico is called Spanish. The word Mexico in Spanish is spelled México.

How do you spell beer in Mexico?

In Spanish (language predominantly spoken in Mexico), beer is cerveza.

Where in the world is spanish spoken?

Spain,Mexico, and Latin America

What is the most popular language spoken in Mexico city?


What is the most common Spanish spoken in America?

The spanish of Mexico is the most commonly spoken variety in the United States, also called North American Spanish.

What are some of the common words spoken in Mexico?

Hola, adios, por favor, gracias. All of them are in Spanish, the most spoken language in Mexico.

Why is Mexico not part of Anglo America?

Because English is not spoken as native language in Mexico. Spanish is the most widely spoken language and as such, Mexico belongs to Latin America.

What languages are spoken in Torreon Mexico?

Spanish is the de-facto language, but English is widely spoken for business purposes.

In which states of the USA is Spanish largely spoken?

New Mexico has more Spanish speakers then English.

What language is spoken today by most people in Mexico and Argentina?


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