What is the best affordable dog food?

Seems nothing is affordable anymore..... Top shelf Innova, California Naturals, $$$ Medium priced Nutro brands, get these at Petco or Feed stores or Blue Seal Brand Some dog foods alot of well known brands including Iams, Nutro and alot of others, had some recalls on there canned and one of there dry foods, but anyway I don't trust any dog food business's anymore. Look at ingredients, you don't want peanut hulls etc in your food, nor do you want sugar. If you are lucky enough to have a small dog, you can feed your dog what you eat, basic healthy foods, meat, vegetables. No sugar items. And give a dog vitamin chew tablet. From experience my next dog will eat what I eat, I think commerical dog foods are the causes of canine diabetes and canine cushings disease, matter of fact go to K9 diabetes on the web they have a comparison dog food list there and lots of helpful info on all kinds of things.