What is the best city in texas?


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The best city in Texas as far as job location and resorts is San Antonio. San Antonio is known for their Spanish missions, the Alamo and many more tourist attractions.

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Pearland Texas close to everything

I personally say Austin, Texas! It is wonderful!

The best place to live in Texas is the City of Fredericksburg. This is uniquely German Texas city with the best weather around, low unemployment rate and a high median home price.

The best safest and warmest city in the US is the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. In second place is the city of Plano, Texas.

I think the best way to go to Houston Texas from Kansas City is either a train or a plane because by car it will take a while.  You're welcome!

there is no such thing as Texas city IMPROVED ANSWER THERE IS A TEXAS CITY, TX. It is 48 miles south of Houston.

Lenz, Texas is the halfway point between Crystal City, Texas and Bay City, Texas. Lenz was settled in the 1890s.

The address of the Texas City Historical Preservationcorporation is: 1801 9Th Ave N, Texas City, TX 77590-5472

Odessa is a city in Ector County, Texas. Olton is a city in Lamb County, Texas. Overton, Texas is a city in Rusk and Smith counties.

really any big city with a good hospital and medical attenion

The address of the Main Land Museum Of Texas City is: 409 6Th St N, Texas City, TX 77590-7854

Yes, Texas City, Texas is located in Galveston County, on the mainland Texas Gulf Coast area.

Houston is the largest city in Texas.

The oldest city in Texas is Nacogdoches.

· Quitman is a city in Texas

Austin is the capital city of Texas.

The web address of the Main Land Museum Of Texas City is: http://www.texas-city-tx.org

Crystal City, Texas is a city in Zavala County, Texas with a population of over 7,000. It is the county seat.

McKinney is a city in Collin County, Texas. Mesquite is a city in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. McAllen is a city in Hidaigo County, Texas.

Houston Is the biggest city in Texas.

meadows place is the smallest city in Texas

Houston is the most populated Texas city.

It is an unincorporated community in Texas, but not a city.

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